4 Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Jewelry Capsule Collection

Jewelry Capsule Collection

To me, jewelry is a fun and girlie way of showing off your style. Sometimes you just want to wear a normal white t, jeans, and converse without looking too plain. Yet, throwing on jewels adds the perfect touch to any outfit. All of a sudden, you look dressed up without having to put in more time than it takes you to shut a couple clasps. To be honest, it took me a while to compile a solid set of stacked jewelry that was perfect for every occasion. A set I could wear to the office, switch up for a night out on the town, wear lounging around or running errands in my comfy clothes. Now at 22, I found my absolute favorites. So here are my simple tips when creating your own ultimate jewelry capsule collection. 

1.Start With the Simple Stuff 

I normally try and collect all my jewelry when traveling. Luckily, my now favorite jewelry company is one I discovered while visiting Austin the spring before I moved down. With that being said, Amanda Deer Jewelry has been my holy grail.

  • Everything simple I wear from them: (I know, it’s a lot)

2. Always Have Arm Candy That Tells Time (a.k.a Watches)

A watch is a classic when dressing for the office, dinner date, or going downtown. To be honest, I don’t ever normally wear it to tell time, but it will always be a staple piece in my jewelry collection.

Watches I have and love:

  • Silver watch from Aeropostale, which is sadly out of business, but I found a couple on Poshmark that are going for cheap. This might surprise you, but I have been wearing this one for years. It actually doesn’t tell time anymore, but I’m so obsessed with the style that I haven’t been able to throw it away. It’s always a nice conversation starter when someone asks me the time when wearing it out. 
  • ^^ same one as above, just in rose gold. At least this one is able to tell time.
  • Citizen gold watch that’s AMAZING, but a little more expensive. They don’t have the exact one I have, but this one is the closest one to it (AND it’s on sale). 
  • Apple watch – my office got these for all of us as a Christmas gift (I know, they’re amazing)! I’ve been wearing mine mainly during the week & my workouts to compete in all of our company fitness challenges. A few years back, I wrote up a post on the pros and cons to the Apple Watch Series 3 I had here. (An updated one for the Series 5 should be in the works shortly!)

3. Name Brand, but On a Budget

I am sure I’m not the only one that loves all the Cartier and Hermes jewelry out there. And I can imagine I’m not the only one that doesn’t want to fork over thousands for one piece. With that being said, I have found a few dupes I have loved when making my capsule collection:

  • Cartier rings & bracelets dupes: my most recent dupe rings were bought at a small farmers market in West Hollywood, CA. My bracelet and other knock off rings/bracelets I get off Poshmark and Etsy time after time. 

4. Take Things Up a Notch

Find killer statement pieces. From thick necklaces, bold earrings, and rings to make a simple outfit pop. I try and find my loud jewelry pieces at farmer’s markets, local shops, Etsy, and anywhere I am traveling. Some of my most recent pieces were found at various LA farmers markets: 

    • I got a sick pointer finger coin ring, similar to this one. Sadly, I didn’t grab the seller’s contact information—she had some killer other pieces!
    • I got another bracelet from the owner of the Rose Gypsy online store. She has amazing pieces (and in small sizes for all my petite girls out there).

Creating your jewelry capsule takes time and consideration. It’s like furnishing your apartment; you pick up cute pieces (and memories) along the way. Every time I look at my jewelry I remember all the adventures I went on. Now its time for you to make and buy your own!

Xoxo- Kayla 

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