New Year Neutrals

New Year Neutral

Quite frankly, I think I have officially become the girl of black in my new year neutrals.

From my black hair to my all-black outfits, nails, and matching Starbucks grande triple americano, I think my all black persona is here to stay.

My teenage self would have been screaming (and not in a good way). At 22, I have come to accept black is my favorite color as it seems to take over my wardrobe, and literally everything I buy. I wanted to share my all black and white favorites with y’all to join in on the fun. (Here that Y’ALL. I’ve officially transformed into a Texan.)

Over the past couple of months, I have compiled some of my black, white, and gold fashion favorites as well as some that are on my wishlist for future purchases.

For all my black outfit lovers, get your credit card ready to ring in the new year with some of my fav New Year’s Neutrals.


Pair black sock botties (or a shiny pair for a little sparkle) with flared light denim and a cute button up white blouse for the office, or bring out your all-time favorite black dress with a cozy appeal. Whether you are more of an off the shoulder babe or a front button-up blouse, add an olive jacket for the cold (or maybe not so cold) outdoors for running errands or stepping in an office. These outfits are perfect for bringing out your boss attitude.


If you know me, you just KNOW. Handbags are my favorite accessory of ALL time. Live or die HANDBAGS. This last year going into 2020, black and white basics have caught my eye. Pair a cute black clutch, crossbody for doing some walking, or tote for the office with some basic gold hoops, fresh new sneaks, and classic Raybans for a basic, but boujee, moment.


You may be starting the New Year with fresh health goals on the market. If you are like me and LOVE to show up in style, these pieces are for you! After walking around the North Domain here in Austin, I have fallen back in love with Fabletics and Under Armour. Fabletics brings the heat (literally) with a cute white puffer that would match perfectly with their all-black long sleeve, classic Under Armour sneaks, and a basic tie (or regular) black leggings. Before you know it you’ll be showing up your cycling instructor.

Treat yourself to some fresh new staple neutrals for the New Year. You deserve it.

xoxo. – Kayla

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