What To Expect in 2020 [Life Update]

what to expect

It’s been a month, over a month, since I have typed away at my keyboard leaving y’all hanging on what to expect on this platform. 

I missed it. I miss blogging. 

Even though Blogtober got the best of me, it has made me realize why I created Kayla’s Diary. Out of my love for creating content online, I randomly started this platform over Christmas break as a junior in college as a finance major. It was, and still is, my little creative outlet.  

But, taking a little break to catch my breath, once again, put my thoughts into perspective on how I would like this platform to turn out/be directed to.

With that being said, I have set a couple of new goals for the year 2020, this blog, my job (which I won’t share for confidentiality reasons), and my current or soon to be other platforms. 

1. Blogging.

Starting January I want to post on Kayla’s Diary once a week, falling on a Wednesday. 

2. YouTube.

I will also be uploading to my YouTube channel every Saturday sharing all things from vlog styled videos on my life in Austin as a 20-something, fashion, health and fitness tips and tricks.

3. Rebranding.

Rebrand my platform a little. I have come to realize I have a pretty niche fashion style—all-black EVERYTHING. Opening up my clothing packages with my black manicured nails a day after redying my black hair to be perfectly jet black, only to find I ordered all black and white clothing. My style was right in front of my face (actually). I ONLY wear black… and …. I LOVE it. I want to share y’all all my fashion staples for all you basic b’s out there, like me, that love to live a very neutral lifestyle. 

4. Rebranding #2.

Get back on the Tube and rebrand this platform to have more of a cozy, open, and conversational approach to my channel. I want to film when I feel like it and whatever I want to share with you. Whether that be my fashion hauls or some of my learned lessons.

5. Dreaming.

Potentially put some dreamt about projects into action (which I won’t be telling y’all about just yet)!

Since taking a step back and realizing where I would like to go with my platform, I have created a new Instagram for this account. It is @kaylas_diaryxo if you would like to follow along on this new blogging journey with me. From all my fashion, lifestyle, beauty and travel tips and tricks, it will all be there!

I can’t wait to hit the ground running with this and I can’t wait for y’all to join me. 

Xoxo- Kayla

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