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Thirty-one days of blogging as come to a wrap. Not only did I realize how much I love blogging again, but everything I have learned and grown from since I first started Kayla’s Diary. From wrapping up college, making the move from my hometown to a city, starting my career, and navigating my struggles and accomplishments, I got to share it with you all. 

For those of you that have read any or all of my posts throughout this month — thank you

Truly, thank you

And for those of you that may have just stumbled upon this post wondering what they heck Blogtober even is, here you go!

What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is where I blogged every day for the whole month of October. Yup, 31 days straight. Since starting my blog way back in the winter of 2017, I realized my passion for marketing, gone on so many journeys figuring myself out, and have tried to constantly push myself to reach a better me every single day I wake up in the morning.

But during that time, I put blogging on the sidelines considering I was working two jobs, going to college full-time, and partaking in a marketing club on campus — I had to pick my battles. Of course, finishing college with good grades was a higher priority. Now that those testing times have passed and I only have ONE full-time job to focus on, I put myself up to the challenge of blogging every day for my favorite month of the year; October. 

If you haven’t read them already, all my posts throughout the month will be linked below to read as much as you want. 

As blogging every day for a whole month isn’t the easiest thing to be done, I wanted to share the up’s and down’s during this growth process. 

The Up’s and The Down’s: 

Creativity and inspiration really do come in waves.

Since moving to Austin, I have landed a job as a Junior Content Marketing Specialist. What I do is basically what I do for my blog, but on a higher level and for more prestigious companies. Even though it is a job I’ve always dreamt of having, it did take a toll on my own personal writing. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, I just needed to optimize my time efficiently to utilize my creativity when I knew it was going to hit. 

After work, sometimes I really didn’t want to come home and write a whole blog post, edit it about 4 times, create the graphics, upload, and link everything I needed to. 

I’m more creative in the mornings, so optimizing the morning on the weekend to batch work my blog content and publish posts that I am proud enough to promote on my blog is crucial. This has taught me how to better batch my tasks for the future. 

Once you get in your flow, you really are golden.

Even on the weekends, towards the end of Blogtober, I didn’t want to sit down and wrap up 4 blog posts to go live that week. But instead, I would make myself a cup of coffee (or 3) to get into my groove. Yet, once I got there, I could publish all 4 posts in a matter of 4 hours — outlining, writing, graphics, links, editing, and uploading all in one. 

If you get a good kick off of coffee, get into deep work mode, and batch work your tasks, you really can wrap things up faster and turn your “I don’t feel like it” attitude into an “I’m killing it.”

I was surprised every time I just buckled down and got er’ done, how happy, accomplished, and proud I felt of my work.

Lessons Learned: 

1.Maybe you really shouldn’t go out just for a “drink” when you have stuff to do in the morning.

I am literally the weakest human being when it comes to alcohol, and I know myself too well. 

I am the type of person that doesn’t drink often, and when I do, I am going to ensure I have a good time. During Blogtober, I decided to go out to dinner and have a “drink” with a friend, knowing dang well I wasn’t just going to have A “DRINK.” 

The next morning I woke up dying of a hangover, with Blogtober the last thing on my mind. I ended up missing that day and making up for it over the weekend. Next time, when I know I’m not just going to have “one” drink, I should just park my bootttayyy on the couch and get what I need to done before anything alcohol-related occurs. 

2. Listen to your body, and respect it.

The last week of Blogtober I got out of my boot, with working out constantly on my mind. I had been put in a boot for about 9 weeks from a random mishap out running one morning. Without working out for that long, I started to notice the impact on my mental and overall health. Hearing I was clear to start dabbling into working out again, this was the answer to my prayers. 

What I didn’t realize was the time it would take out of my day from Blogtober. Yet, I knew I had to choose my physical and mental health over anything else. 

Listen to your body, and do what you have to do to stay happy and kicking every day.

3. I’m more than conflicted with buckling down or loosening up.

My second lesson brings me to this one — I am constantly conflicted when to buckle down or when to loosen up. This over-worked culture has altered the views on work-life balance to more of a work-life-side hustle totally unbalanced

I absolutely love blogging and setting up this challenge for me to complete, but missing one or two days (even with making up for it) really put me down even though I was the only one strictly watching my upload times. 

Creating your own work-life balance is crucial, especially when having a side hustle going. I learned I need to slow down sometimes and really listen to my body when I need a break, shame set aside. 

How can you be ashamed of yourself when you are choosing your health over standards you put on yourself?

4. Do the job well, not fast.

What I’ve noticed from my previous blog posts, and schooling in general, is I was always wanting to meet requirements in the fastest possible time frame. But this isn’t what I should be doing at all

I learned I need to take a step back and finish what I need to finish to the best of my ability, not just faster than anyone else out there. 

I swear this is the barista in me. Since working an extremely fast-paced barista kiosk job in college, I was timed on how fast I could take an order, make the coffee, and have it out the window to the customer. But that isn’t how the business world works.

Take your time and get the job done better than anyone else can, and always learn from your mistakes. 

4. Blogging every day really is hard when you want to publish content you are proud of. 

Creating quality content really is hard to do when publishing every day. I entirely underestimated this project. I prepped Blogtober with a couple of extra blog posts in case of emergencies and a content calendar of everything I wanted to publish throughout the month. 

This was SO not enough. 

Creating quality posts that are written and edited correctly, speak to the right audience, have the right resources and widgets to each post, and then properly promoting it is extremely difficult to accomplish with a couple of extra hours after work.  

Even now being done with Blogtober, there are about 2 weeks of backlogging just to upscale my posts and marketing to what I would like them to be.

Would I do it again?


Now, would I prep a littttllle better? Yuuppppp

I loved creating content every day for the whole month. Even though it was more than trying and I slipped up a couple of times, I still learned from this experience and pushed myself out of my comfort zone. 

Who knows if it will be a year or month from now, but I would love to blog a whole month straight sharing all my upcoming experiences, fashion favs, and tips and tricks to everything in life. 

What to expect in the future

Now… this month has left me burnt. Burnt to the crisp. 

I will be taking a little time off to recoup, plan, and prep for the month’s content ahead, but I don’t know if it will be one week or the whole month of November. 

Going forward, I will be posting content about 2 times a week, and 3 times every other week. So if you haven’t already, subscribe to our email list by entering your email address on the right side email column on this page to get alerts when my next post goes live!


Until next time,




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