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Waking up and taking a minute to read a book that kicks your butt into gear, or taking an hour before bed for a moment of gratitude is the best feeling, to me personally. Since graduating from college, I have had more time to focus my time and energy on reading material that teaches me about the industry I am interested in. Since I have been reading books that are more informational based and tailored to boss babes, here are 16 boss babe books every girl needs to read. 

If you have read my morning routine post, you know this is a crucial part to my routine. I love reading something that can get my juices flowing, and my mindset focused on productivity. As life has started to settle down, and things are coming out of the woodworks, I thought I wanted to start growing my relationship with God, ending every night with reading the bible. 

With my interest in reading personal growth and development material, I thought I would share a couple of books I have read and loved, and a few books that I am wanted to read going forward. If you are wanting to grow your mind and take control of your life and energy here are 16 books to get started!



1.Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

After hearing all the amazing things about this book, I gave it a try about 6 months ago. Rachel points out all the areas in society that are literally draining your energy and help reconfigure your mindset on judgement. If you are wanting to cut the BS and stop thinking about what others think about you, I highly, highly suggest you give this book a read.

2. Earn It! By Mika Brzezinski

I started reading this book right before Blogtober and had to put it on pause in the meantime. From what I have read so far, this is a great read when starting out your career. Earn It! Points out everything industry leaders don’t when it comes to doing whatever it takes to land the career and life you have always dreamt about. 

3. Morning Mind by Dr. Robert Carter III and Kirti Salwe Carter

This is another book I had to put on pause during Blogtober, yet another stellar copy. Robert and Kirti are two doctors that show how you can get in tune with your morning mind, with the facts to back it up. Did you ever think about the hours within the day and what your body does to keep you alive and healthy every hour on the hour? Probably not. This book will go over how to start your morning on the right foot, scientifically. Pure. Genius.

4. The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman

If you have read my Networking For Introverts blog post then you already know. I am so not confident or outspoken, especially when it comes to being in an office setting. I will speak my mind when I believe it is the best time, and do good work, but I don’t feel confident until I have been working somewhere for a while. As a woman in business, Katty and Claire speak on why confidence in the workplace is so important, and how to show it professionally. 

5. A Good Time to Be a Girl by Helena Morrissey

As the world is becoming more and more accepting of woman entrepreneurs, Helena goes over how to transform the past and somewhat reoccurring themes in business to achieve your greatest dreams. Helena lays out how to grow your expertise in the workplace in a relevant manner to fit the needs of this digital age. 

6. Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht 

If you are wanting to leave your mark, whether that be in the workplace, as a woman entrepreneur, or even whilst making connections, I have heard this is a good read. Aliza talks about how to land your dream job, make a killing at it, and all the tips and tricks to mastering all the in’s and out’s of social media. 

7. Girl, Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

From a girl who says sorry for saying sorry too much, I know this book is for me. I haven’t got around to reading it just yet, but it is definitely high up on my list. Rachel teaches you to just be yourself unapologetically, and know when to stand your ground to get what you are wanting in life without saying “I’m sorry” a million times in the process.

8. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elford

I am an avid believer in waking up early every morning, but Hal puts the 5 am morning routine to the test. Waking up at 5 am every day has been a trending health topic for about a year now, basically created by Hal from my personal experience! After listening to a recent podcast where Hal made an appearance, I have been wanting to give this book a read to learn all the ways I can better optimize my 5 am morning routine for productivity.

9. The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey

As a recent college grad, money is something I am wanting to learn more and more about. I have been supporting myself ever since I was a teenager, but I never fully got a well-rounded understanding of how to manage my money. From the expert himself, Dave Ramsey, I would love to learn how to better monopolize my money to set myself on the right track to a bigger future. 

10. The Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan

As I have expressed through some of my most recent posts, I have been dealing with some personal stuff since moving to Austin. With that being said, I have focused my attention on gratitude practice and growing my relationship with God. This book making an appearance on my reading list. I would love to learn how to better show my gratitude in relationships, the workplace, and in my own life. 

11. You Are a Badass by Jen Sencero 

Funny enough, I got gifted this book a few years back, just never got around to reading it while attending college. Then, I ended up losing it in my move to Austin, and have yet to read it. This book outlines what makes you so badass and how to focus on that to better your career, confidence, and to understand your worth. 

12. Crushing It by Gary V

Gary V covers all the bases of entrepreneurs and business junkies. Learn how to level up your efforts in business and how to grow your personal brand, start a podcast, or even launch your business idea and grow your influence. I heard this book is easily a one-stop-shop when trying to understand all the basics to feed your business savvy mindset.

13. She Means Business by Carrie Green

Carrie started a business when she was 20 and has been keeping it up and successful for years. She is nice enough to share her secrets with the world and uncover all her challenges, fears, overwhelm and so much more. This is another book on my must-read list, hopefully, to be taken into action here in the next few months. 

14. Rising Strong by Brene Brown

No matter what you do, you will fail multiple times, and it is all about how you handle it. For me personally, I would rather learn to fail fast to get back on my feet and hit the ground running with a better and improved version of myself. Brene spills all the tips on coming back from failure, what you should learn from it, and how to own mistakes to grow your personal power. 

15. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyb

This book is at THE TOP of my reading list. Girl Code is about woman entrepreneurs, how to be patient, grow, and deal with the constant obstacles life will throw at you along the way. If you have a go-getter attitude and are wanting to understand girl code in the business world, this is perfect for you. I literally can’t wait to get this one going. 

16. The Bible 

If you are a believer like me, I personally love reading the bible in the morning or at night right before bed. Like I have talked about in my most recent posts, I have been reading the Bible for about 20-30 minutes every night before bed. And in all honesty, it has been keeping me more grounded and calm throughout my days. I highly, highly recommend incorporating this into your daily routine if you can!


Now boss babes, get to filling up your cart with all these good reads and start learning how to create a better you every day you wake up.


Oh, and don’t forget to be grateful! 😉 


Until tomorrow,




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