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how to invest in yourself

Have you ever been so busy you honestly don’t think you even have time to go to the bathroom? Or maybe grab water in the kitchen? Or I don’t know, breath? Same. In a world that pushes a go-go-go mentality, it is easy to forget the steps to properly care for yourself or your future. Self-care is investing in yourself — I wanted to share my favorite ways you too can learn how to invest in yourself.

How to Invest in Yourself and Your Future

The way you choose to invest in yourself all depends on your own personal interests. If you like writing, invest 30 minutes of your day to write in your journal. If you like running, make sure you are investing your time into running. 

Looking back to when I was in college, I wasn’t properly investing in myself. I was trying to invest more in my future, considering all I did was work, go to school, and study, yet I was slowly diminishing. Taking time out of your day is SO important. 

Here are my favorite 19 ways of investing in myself to better optimize my health, happiness, and clarity. 

1.Read a Book

If you have read my morning routine post, you may know I always try and incorporate reading into my mornings. I normally read something inspirational to really get my blood pumping and my mind ready to hit the ground running when going into the office. 

Since Blogtober has been taking up most of my mornings and nights (in a good way), I haven’t been doing this as much. I have incorporated reading the bible for at least 30 minutes before going to bed, which has been helping my thought process entirely.

2. Buy yourself that seminar or networking event ticket

Personally, I haven’t done this as much as I should. I have gone to a couple of networking events here in Austin, yet didn’t go to any that I can think of during my time spent in Montana. Even though networking can be a rather intimidating task, it can grow your business and personal relationships. 

And if you are able to invest more than just time, buy yourself an event ticket. I don’t know about you, but when I attend seminars within the industry of my interest, I walk out way more motivated than I ever have been. Not to mention, these seminars can spark your inspiration and help you learn new operations and trends. 

3. Stay in for the night with some wine, face mask, and have a bath

I can’t stress this enough. As a regular homebody, I do this more than I probably should. When I have a stressful day, week or month, I will put a hair and face mask on, have a glass of wine and just take it easy for the day or night. 

Personally, I love cleaning and starting my Monday with a fresh room and apartment. So, while I’m face masking it up, I will normally clean, do laundry, and start meal prepping for the week ahead.

4. Find a business coach

I haven’t done this outside my personal network just yet, but I’ve heard it makes a world of a difference. Luckily, while I was in school I found an amazing group of mentors that have helped direct my career in ways that I wasn’t seeing apparent at the time. 

Having a business coach to help push you and see different perspectives that you may not be seeing at the time, can really help guide your career into what you’ve always dreamt of. Once I get a little more advanced in my career, this is something I want to start looking more deeply into. 

5. Invest in your future

This could be many different things. It could mean investing your time into making daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly goals, or it could mean contributing money into a different savings account for something that will help you grow. 

Say you are a YouTuber and you really want that new camera. Put that into a separate savings account and start saving, or if the money is comfortably there, go ahead and get it. Maybe you are wanting to invest an hour of your time into mapping out your content calendar and goals for the next month — take that time for yourself and do it! 

6. Become a boss with your money

Ugh. This is such a hard thing to ask when it comes to all the fashionista’s out there. Learning things are just things and keeping in mind what you are really working towards. Put money into savings every month to invest in your future investments. 

Do you want a new wardrobe every month or do you want a new car in ten years? Pick your poison and always keep your future goals in mind. 

7. Take a free online course

There are SO many courses out there right at your fingertips. For instance, Jenna Kutcher and Julie Soloman are a couple that have influencer, photography, and more than enough businesswoman topic free webinars for everyone. 

Take advantage of these resources by searching the web, looking at reviews, and taking time and energy out of your day to learn from those that are have already mastered the industry you are interested in. 

8. Eat healthier & treat your body with respect

This is something I didn’t truly understand until moving to Austin and experiencing SIBO. While I am at work, I spend most of my time listening to health and business podcasts. On one of those podcasts, they were talking about the reason we work out, which entirely flipped my perspective.

You work out to have more energy. You fuel your body with healthy, nourishing meals because you want to feel good when you are at work. Staying healthy and making the right choices is to help you live longer and better optimize your time and energy, not all because you want the hottest body in the room. 

9. Organize your home or office 

Like I said in my previous tips, I love having a clean apartment. Even whilst studying minimalism one day for work, I realized the psychology behind having a clean environment to live and work in. With that being said, I make my bed every morning before leaving the house, clean my apartment every two weeks, and make sure to keep my room and work environment as sparkly clean as possible. 

10. Have a weekly goal setting meeting with yourself

Every Sunday I sit down to plan out my week working towards my goals. Every month I sit down and map out my monthly goals, how to reach them, and what steps I need to make every week to get there. If you are wanting some guidance on goal setting, I did a whole post you can find here

I have a monthly calendar and a blank whiteboard I fill out and hang on my wall to make sure I am meeting my goals and keeping them in plain sight every day. Keeping your goals in plain sight and telling your loved ones what you are working towards can help you stay accountable. 

11. Find time to focus on your creativity 

This is crucial. Whether your creativity is shown through a sport, art, or blogging, make sure you are making time for it. My creativity is through my blog, hands down. I love having full control over what I write, on what I want to write, and those that I am able to market it to. So every Saturday, I get to writing about 3-4 blog posts to start my weekend on the right foot. 

Making time for your passion helps you stay sane, keep your cool, and your spunk. Not to mention, it can help you uncover life challenges and keep your mind focused on what you are working towards in your career. 

12. Build your confidence 

This is similar to networking for me personally. Building your confidence is really sugar-coating what I am trying to get across — do something you are afraid of. We are all intimidated of something, but you won’t learn how to do it or handle it unless you push yourself. 

For instance, when I first started my blog, I had no idea what I was doing. Looking back I have come SO much farther than I ever thought I would have. Put yourself out there and do something you may not be 100% comfortable with. 

13. Choose to be happy

Being happy is a choice, so choose to be it. Say you had a horrible day at work, you can choose to be thankful for learning from your mistakes, or you can sit in your thoughts dwelling on what you did wrong and how you may not ever come back from it. Switch your mindset to think about the positive instead of the negative to the best of your ability.

I completely understand this is way easier said than done sometimes.

14. Start a gratitude (or just regular) journal

Being aware and thankful for what you do have, rather than focusing on what you don’t have, can calm your attitude towards various situations. Say you don’t like your job or you are bummed you aren’t able to get that new handbag everybody is able to get, think about how thankful you are for having a job, or a roof over your head and food in your fridge. 

Recently, I have been partaking in the Grateful 5 every morning where I write out 5 things I am grateful for and being specific when I am writing those out. This morning I am thankful for a nice warm cup of coffee in my hand driving my energy and a comforting apartment with everything I need in it. 

15. Work on your bucket list

I don’t have a bucket list, yet at least — but for those of you that do, start working towards checking that list off. Maybe invest in booking a well-needed trip to a country you have always wanted to visit, go on a road trip by yourself, or take yourself out to dinner.

No matter what that list may or may not have on it, start investing your time or money into working on everything you want to do before the end of life approaches. 

17. Create multiple income streams 

If you are at the point in your career where you are financially comfortable, start investing in different areas that are able to make you more money. Whether that may mean investing in stocks, bitcoin, or starting another business, go for it! Your future self will thank you. 

If you aren’t able to invest in other money-making outlets, start thinking about working an hour a day on a side hustle that could potentially get you to that point. 

18. Know your limits & respect them 

Now, respect yourself and invest in yourself by knowing your limits and when to say no. For instance, you may have your career built for you. Built enough for others to reach out and ask you to meet for coffee or speak at an event. While all this can be tremendously rewarding and exciting, know your limits.

Say you have been feeling way overworked and haven’t been able to take care of yourself, don’t say yes. Know when you should or shouldn’t partake in something, and the good or bad effect it may have on your body. 


I can’t stress how important it is to invest in yourself and your future. Whether you choose to invest in yourself by journaling every day, reading more, or knowing and committing to your limits, this has can keep you and your life at ease and portray a happier you.


Which will you invest in?


Until tomorrow,




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