How to Design Your Bedroom on a Budget — My Most Recent Additions

how to design your room on a budget

Decorating a new house, apartment, or room is probably one of the best things to geek out on. I absolutely love being able to configure my room to match my neutral aesthetic and make it the perfect amount of comfy considering that is where I spend most of my time. As I have mentioned throughout my other posts, I have been subleasing an apartment from a friend that is now moving things out and I am starting to accumulate my own pieces. Here is my guide on how to design your bedroom on a budget, including my most recent additions.

Must I add, I moved down to Austin only with stuff I could fit in my small Honda Accord. I could only take clothes, shoes, beauty products, and some rando necessities. After moving all my stuff into my room, I started getting a feel for what I would need to start purchasing and moving in overtime. 

Since then I have an idea of what I truly need, what approach I want to take, and how much I want to spend on each item. I compiled three easy tips for those of you that may be in the same place as me.  

1.Start with your bed

This is the most important part when designing your room, and the most expensive. I was lucky enough to get a Casper mattress through Costco that was on sale at a tremendous discount. I then decided to skip buying a box spring and get an extremely simple bed frame off Amazon that has to be the easiest thing to put together and take down.

When shopping around for furniture options, I wanted everything light and easy to move considering I am moving again at the end of January and don’t want to make this more of a hassle than it needs to be. 

After purchasing a bed and bed frame I ordered inexpensive bed sheets, duvet cover (considering my old one turned into an unbreakable dumpling in the dryer), pillows, and silk pillow covers that I already had. 

2. Figure out what else you REALLY need

Once you get a feel for your bed’s design, it is easier to picture what you would like the rest of our room to look like and evaluate what else you may need. If you haven’t read my recent post on wanting to work towards a more minimalistic lifestyle, I will link that here

After getting my bed all set up, I ordered two $10 nightstands from IKEA, a couple throw pillows and blankets to provide a more cozy feel, but on a budget. Over time I will need a dresser, where I am hoping to buy two of these IKEA ones to push together & display my jewelry and perfume on top. But for the time being, I am still borrowing my friends until I fully move out of this apartment this next January. 

3. Get to Decorating

Now is the time to start decorating. Since I like a more clean atmosphere, the only things I have decorated with so far are books to go on my nightstands, my two goal-setting whiteboards on my wall, and the overflow of clothes and shoes that are hanging outside of my closet on extra racks — I am hoping to spruce this up eventually.

I would like to get a couple of black and white frames like these to hang up above my bed, but I will probably wait until my next move to save the holes in the wall and more things to move from apartment to apartment. 

Designing a new place is one of my favorite projects. It is like hitting the refresh button to bring up your motivation and love for your new atmosphere. I highly suggest taking into consideration a minimalistic room style to help reduce stress and anxiety while helping the environment from cutting unneeded waste.


Happy designing! 🙂


Until tomorrow,




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