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I love goal setting — creating new objectives to hit every day, week, or month keeps me sane. I am one of those crazy planners that wakes up every morning with a to-do list I typed in my Apple Notes the night before thinking of everything I want to accomplish the next day. And I am also one of those that looks forward to a new month because I get to write out new goals and fill out my monthly whiteboard calendar with everything I aspire to work towards. As this is always something I look forward too, I thought I would share my tips and tricks for you to find fun in this same activity by creating a whole blog post on goal setting 101.

1. Write It Down

Step one is writing everything down. Each month I think about what I want to work towards, create as a habit, or put a bad habit to rest. From there, I write it out on a whiteboard with boxes to check off along the way. Not only is this satisfying to check off every time I hit a new milestone, but this also hangs on my wall at eye level to see every time I walk in and out of my room. 

Keeping goals fresh in your head keeps you aware of what and why you are wanting to achieve something. For instance, going through my last year of college I wanted to save up a certain amount, spend less on unneeded stuff, workout more, and eat less chocolate (my worst addiction). I wrote this down, checking off a box every week I hit my workout, money amount saved, or weeks without overdoing the chocolate. It was more satisfying to check off boxes than it would have been buying myself a prize.

Not only that, it hung to the left of my bed, catching my eye every morning and night when I was hit with the most laziness. Trust me, starring at everything I wanted to achieve was a great motivator, getting me outta bed and starting my day off on the right foot. 

For those of you that want to crush this week starting today, I have created a weekly printable to-do list to plan out your week for success. Check off those boxes and start embarking on the never-ending self-growth track to success.


2. Have a Plan

If you don’t plan out baby steps towards your goals, you most likely will fail. You won’t get rich overnight, you won’t have a banging body within a month, and you won’t want to be entirely skipping desert by tomorrow night — trust me. 

I have a really bad confession — I used to suck my thumb until about 6th grade. I would hold my blanky and suck my thumb from the point I got home from school until the next morning walking to my bus stop. Even though that was something that comforted me, I want braces to fix a gab that grew in between my two front teeth. Looking at all my peers around me, I knew what I had to do  — quit. 

I allowed myself to suck my thumb every night while I was in bed — that lasted for about a week before going entirely cold turkey. I would randomly have the urge, mainly when I was feeling down about something, but I would think about what I wanted in return. 

  • Perfectly straight teeth for a nice smile.
  • To have manicured nails without ingesting chemicals.
  • To act like a big kid instead of hiding my blankie from all my friends.

That in itself made me quit faster than my family ever thought would come from the YEARS of them harping on me to put my thumb down.

Your mindset is a powerful drug — know what you want, know realistically how you can get there, and remember why you want it for when the tough times hit. 

Once you have successfully made a plan to cut all your bad habits, and replace with positive ones, fill out my downloadable calendar for the month of November to get a head start on this next month. Scratch waiting for the New Year to make resolutions and start making your dreams reality now. 


Weekly Calendar Planner

3. Reward Yourself (But Not Too Much)

My form of reward is checking off those nice boxes on my white calendar, but I know that doesn’t always work for everybody. Maybe every time you work out, put a dollar in a jar for a new pair of shoes, or for every dollar you put in savings you allow yourself to use 10% of it on something of your choice. 

Know what keeps you motivated and ready to crush your goals. Here are 10 of my goals for the month of November:

    1. Get back to working out 5x week (since I haven’t been able to work out the past 9 weeks, this is a hard habit to get back into)
    2. Blog every day with valuable content (for Blogtober)
    3. Go on a long walk at least 2x a week (45 min – 1 hour)
    4. Hit all my work expectations successfully, and do a little more
    5. Opt for frozen grapes instead of chocolate (big FAT weakness)
    6. Complete one thing off my weekly to-do list after work Monday – Friday instead of saying “I’m just too tired” and going through Instagram for an hour instead 
    7. Save at least $500, if not more
    8. Only go out and buy two coffees each week (amounting for 9-10 cups for a little grace) 
    9. Stop buying random things off Amazon every week (that one-click buy gets me every time)
    10. Read at least one book a month of my choice 

Get to mapping out your ever-changing goals every month to make your dreams into reality. It only takes 66 days to create a habit. In just two months, you could be doing everything you wished you would have done years ago. 


It is never too late to kick butt and achieve everything you have always wanted to and more. 


Until tomorrow,




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