Monthly Amazon Order Roundup

monthly Amazon order roundup

My secret is now out; Amazon is the new go-to place for all things fashion and beauty to home and all your random necessity needs. I have packages coming just about every day relieving my constant need to stop by the store on my way home from work to pick up toilet paper or cleaning supplies. Since I order something new just about every day, here is my Amazon order roundup for the month of October broken down into my most popular purchasing categories. 

Style Me

Fashion has to be my favorite thing about Amazon. If you haven’t checked out my recent post with all my favorite Amazon fashion pieces, you can find it here

This month I didn’t go too crazy. I ordered a Chanel lookalike after listing it in my recent post on the best designer handbag dupes that you can find here. Along with that, I wanted a cardholder so my giant wallet wouldn’t take up my whole new purse — ordering a Louis dupe that’s under $15

This month, I also had a need for more workout leggings without wanting to spend an arm and a leg to get another couple pairs of Lululemon’s (even though they are my all-time favorite). I ordered a dupe off Amazon at a fourth of the price of Lulu’s, and so far, I am extremely impressed. 

Not so exciting purchase — a new phone case. I started to notice my last phone case was turning a bit yellow from the constant use. It was about time to get a new one so I ordered this black slim case.

Make It Homey

Since moving to Austin about three months ago, I have been slowly making improvements to make my room feel a little homier. Luckily when I first moved down here, I was subleasing a room from a friend that left this room fully furnished. 

Now, a couple of months later, she has found a house with a loved one and it is time to move things out. I started ordering everything I need online to get shipped right to my door. I ordered a Casper mattress (not off Amazon), pillows, an inexpensive (but cute) bed frame, pillow covers, and some Swiffer cleaning pads to clean up all the yuck from moving things around. 

Health Is Wealth

I allllllwayys order my supplements off Amazon. Not only does it arrive fast, but I also have so much more to choose from without feeling overwhelmed walking into the store with 3,871,983,479,834 vitamin bottles to choose from. Also, if you choose to opt-in to their monthly subscription, Amazon will automatically send your vitamins every month at a discounted price.

This month I ordered another tub of collagen for my coffee in the morning, Hairtamin (something I wanted to try out — tbd on if it is a winner or not), morning greens, and MCT oil for cooking.

Aside from supplements, I also ordered workout resistance bands. This week I get to start test-driving my left foot after about a 9-week long mishap recovery. Since I don’t want to go too heavy and start jumping into high impact body movements, I thought these would be a great way to slowly start introducing leg day. So far, I have been really liking them! 

Natural Glow

I am always playing around with my skincare routine to achieve that perfect natural glow. Since moving from a rather dry place to a humid one, it has been a little bit of a challenge. If you would like to see my current skincare routine, I will have that linked here as well.

I ordered this Ancient Greek Remedy mainly for the ends of my hair, as I am in a great need for a lil trim, and a facial serum to add dewiness to my skin. I have only used these for a couple of weeks now, so they are most definitely still in the trial period. They are organic and have extremely clean ingredients, so no doubt this will be crucial to my everyday skincare routine. 


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