34 Best Online Shopping Stores for Women on a Budget

best online shopping stores

Getting a new package delivered to your doorstep is just as good as Christmas morning. The hardest part is the timeframe from the point you click “order” to when the delivery driver places it at your door. Even though it may seem like years fly by before getting your delivery alert, it makes it all worth it — coming home ripping open your package and throwing on all your new favorites items. I’ve compiled 34 of my all-time favorite online shopping stores for all of you to enjoy that same feeling.

Ever since living in Montana where there wasn’t a Forever21, Nordstroms, or any store of that make running down the road to a mall and picking a cute pair of shoes to wear out that day easy. Having to order everything online made me the master at online shopping. 

Everything you may need, I’ve got you covered — regular everyday wear, workout clothes, swimming suits, dresses, shoes, makeup, and even an online food store that I am sure you can easily put your finger on. 

Plain Jane

These first 19 websites are my go-to for casual wear. Stores like H&M and Forever21 are the best sources for everyday outfits — whether that is for casual or work, they offer a variety of options and prices nobody can match. Places like Nordstrom Rack and Sakes on Fifth have amazing options at a higher quality, but you invest a little more than normal pieces. 

Lift Like a Boss

Of course, I couldn’t bring up workout clothing without bringing up Lululemon — I’m a basic b****. Their leggings are my absolute favorite, and everything else from t-shirts all the way to their hair accessories and backpacks – I love it all! 

Gymshark and Adidas are more affordable options that offer extremely cute and quality product for about half the price.

Swimmy Season

Growing up in a state that didn’t offer many water activities cut swimming suits from most clothing budgets. I normally purchase suits that are a little more cost-effective because of their lack of use with my lifestyle. Companies like Shein, Showpo, and Zaful all offer extremely affordable pieces in SO many different and cute styles. 

Dresses Up

Aside from Forever21 and H&M, these next three options are great for quality items. Lulu’s has to be my favorite when searching for dresses I want to last long term or to make a real good impression ;). 

Strut your stuff

Having small feet makes finding a women’s size 5 – 5.5 a real journey. Companies like Forever21, H&M, and Boohoo make this easy for me. Given these companies normally take a hot minute to deliver, they make the wait more than worth it. I would say just about every shoe that I own (other than gym shoes) are from these three places.


I always want nice, long term jewelry, but at a fraction of a normal jewelry store’s price. During my first two years of college I worked at an expensive jewelry store, and let me tell you, once you see the insane markup for “luxury” jewelry pieces, you really can’t go back. 

I now opt for gold filled jewelry pieces off Etsy for all my everyday items, Poshmark for my high end, name-brand items, and Amazon for all my statement jewelry I know I will only be wearing for certain seasons of the year. 


The one and only Whole Foods — I am a sucker for their online delivery and pick-up options. I absolutely hate going to the grocery store, but love having a full fridge of all my healthy go-to’s  — this is definitely a love, hate relationship that Whole Foods makes easy like Sunday morning (literally, cause I do my shopping on Sunday’s). 

Wake & Bake

I am not a Sephora feen or Target makeup lover, but I would say I am in between. Ulta sells all my everyday necessities — not too expensive, but still rather pure makeup choices. If you would like to check out my everyday makeup routine, I will have it linked here

Have fun shopping!


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