Seattle Travel Diaries

Seattle Travel Diaries

Growing up, I knew Montana wasn’t for me — when I was a toddler I would tell my Dad I was going to grow up and move to California. California was my only prospect considering that was the only city I had seen on the TV screen. One day, flipping through channels I landed on The Hills — instantly mesmerized by the life Lauren and Heidi got to live. Seattle, being the closest city to Montana, easily made a heavy impact on my post-college travel diaries. 

I always hated high school, so much I graduated as a junior to head straight to college. I started at my local community college the following August, transferring to the University of Montana two years later. I promised myself I would stay in Montana until I got my degree considering out of state tuition wasn’t in the cards for me. After reaching my goal and earning my diploma, I left just months after to my new home, Austin, TX.

I didn’t get a job right after college, nor did I really want to jump into something so fast — taking a couple of months off, gathering my thoughts, and doing the one thing I had been waiting for all of my life to do; travel. I booked two trips to Seattle, one to Austin, and another to Denver to go see Blackbear live —something that was had been on my best friend and I’s bucket list for years.

But the one place that stuck with me the most was Seattle.

Something about this city lights me up, giving me that warm at-home feeling in my chest. It may be the fact I grew up in Montana and sadly love cold and gloomy days, or maybe it is because it is a New York City look-a-like just wayyyyy closer to family. I couldn’t tell you, but all I know is it is my ultimate happy place. 

I think of it more than I think about going to Montana, even though my amazing family fogs my brain every day. 

That brings me here, typing away at my keyboard all excited, to tell y’all what I did while visiting Seattle my last two trips. From where I went, what I saw, and things that are still awaiting visitation on my bucket list. 


My first long trip to Seattle, I stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Seattle. This was an amazing hotel with everything you could image; bar, coffee shop, all you can eat and drink brekkie, nice evening restaurant, luxurious gym, and extremely nice rooms overlooking the city. 

The second time I visited Seattle, for mentor meetings, I decided to stay in an Airbnb just outside of downtown. Even though the hotel was nice and gave me the option to walk everywhere in the city, my Airbnb was the perfect place to go back and relax — felt almost as cozy as my bed back home. 

Morning Excursions

While staying downtown, I spent my mornings walking to get coffee from Starbucks, heading to the Pike Place Market right after. Walking around looking at the beautiful art, feeling the nice crisp breeze on my cheeks, while holding a warm cup of coffee has to be the most heartwarming feeling. 

Lunch & Shopping

Around lunch, I would make my way back into town to either go shopping or check out a new place to eat. Honestly, this is so basic, but I think Evergreens takes the award for the best food in Seattle — at least for now anyway. (I’m so easily pleased hahaha.) I had lunch there a couple of times before heading back to the hotel — so light, yet so yummy.

Basic Seattle Things

Of course, I couldn’t go to Seattle without checking out the Space Needle. This view took my breath away — I hope to have dinner with a loved one at night at least once in my life all the way up there overseeing all the beautiful lights. 

I also had to check out the waterfront that is absolutely gorgeous. Next time I visit, I want to take the ferry over to the other side of the water and have a nice relaxing dinner with wine. 

Starbucks HQ & Bellevue 

Aside from all the “regular” Seattle things, I was lucky enough to be invited to the Starbucks HQ, where a couple of my mentors arranged meetings. While in town, I also had meetings in Bellevue at a coffee/bake shop called Bakery Nouveau. Bellevue is most definitely the boujee part of this state, every name brand store is in the same area as this bakeshop, if you ever want to get a new Louis this is the place. 

My Favorite Place on Earth 

One night, I went to the Civility & Unrest, a sky view bar in Bellevue, to grab drinks with one of my friends that lived in the area. This bar has easily become one of my favorite places in the U.S. — you are able to have dinner and/or drinks while looking out at the city lights of Bellevue — absolutely, breathtaking.

Next Time 

As a coffee lover, I am extremely disappointed to say I didn’t even try any of the Seattle known coffee places. I even went to Starbucks and the Starbucks Reserve, but never made it to their first-ever Starbucks original store — I know, absolutely disappointing. 

So, the next time I land in this city I want to hit up every coffee shop. I created a list of six coffee shops that I heard are just phenomenal:

  1. Starbucks Reserve Roastery 
  2. Slate Coffee Roasters
  3. Moore Coffee
  4. Ghost Note Coffee
  5. Mr. West Cafe Bar
  6. La Marzoco Cafe

I also would love to make it to the Museum of Pop, Wild Ginger Bellevue, and The Nest Rooftop Bar

Even though Austin is a heck of a long way away from Washington, I hope to visit Seattle sooner than rather than later. For those of you that haven’t already visited this city, make it your next vacay destination!


Until tomorrow,



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