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Amazon fashion

Whenever someone comments on my outfit, I always respond as fast as I can with where I got the item and how much it cost like it’s an obligation. Do you guys ever do that too?? (I hope I’m not alone on this). About a year ago, I took full advantage of Student Prime and it’s two-day delivery on all things necessary. That two-day delivery ended up being utilized on things most wouldn’t expect — fashion. As the year played out, more and more Amazon clothing pieces started taking over my closet, reconfiguring my clap-back statement to “I got it on Amazon!!!” after every compliment. So, here I am, spilling the tea on my best kept fashion secret; Amazon fashion.

To make this easy on all of us, I came barring gifts, gifts in the form of links to my all-time favorite fashion pieces purchased thus far. And it even gets better — inexpensive, unbeatable prices that you can have it in two days’ time BABBEYYYY!


Dress To Impress

Ever since moving to Austin & having SIBO, dresses have been my go-to outfit. No constraints for all the freedom, and no sticky clothing when humidity is in full force. I must add, when shopping for all fashion pieces, there are some pretty bad nuts out there. To avoid thess, I highly recommend looking at the pictures and reviews of those that have already bought the items of interest to ensure your decision.

Amazon does have inexpensive prices, but when their prices are entirely unrealistic, I would be skeptical. Just two months ago I went crazy ordering new shoes, dresses, and tops on way underpriced clothing items just to find out half of them were see-through or shorter than any pair of short shorts I would ever own.

Ditch the $5 tops and $10 dresses and shoot for the $20-$30 range, if not more.


Toppidy Top Tops 

I haven’t ordered A TON of tops off Amazon yet, but all the ones I have bought, I absolutely love. This is a great site to purchase casual tops and some blouses. I would refrain from blouses that look top of the line in product pictures paired with a cheap price considering most aren’t going to end up being that nice in person. 

Most of the time these items are coming from foreign countries making it more expensive to send back for a refund than paying for what you thought you ordered. Keep this in mind when sitting there crossing your fingers in hopes that the pictures miiiighhhht match what you get in the mail.


Workout Wear & Accessories

This is probably one of my favorite things to get off Amazon. They host a variety of quality Lululemon dupes, workout bags, earbuds, workout bands, and literally everything else you would need when putting in a killer workout for the day.

Must I add, I would never buy cheap gym shoes online, especially after my most recent mishap landing me in a boot for 9 weeks and counting. Every so often I will buy well-known, and trusted, shoe brands like Adidas or Nike’s — even without the normal Amazon discounted price, I still get the package in two days’ time. This is much nicer than fighting traffic on my way to and from the store just to find out they most likely don’t have the shoe I want in the size I need.


Walk the Walk 

Whether you are wanting going out heels, comfy platform sandals, booties, or converse, Amazon’s got your back. I am between a size 5 and 6 — one of the hardest shoe sizes to shop for. It’s either I pretend I can keep my foot in a size too large, or order online anyways to achieve my perfect fit.

For fashionable heels, I always, always order online.



By no means would I want to purchase nice jewelry on Amazon; real diamond rings, earrings, or anything else over $50. But I do buy statement pieces I know I won’t want to wear all the time. Like big and bold froofy earrings, rings, and even hair accessories just to name a few. So inexpensive, yet so stinking cute!


Geek Out

This is another hit or miss. One time I ordered those oh so popular black cat-eye sunglasses everyone was wearing, and they came with such bad lenses I couldn’t look through them for more than 15 minutes without getting a headache. Over the last year or so, I have been eying these chunky black Celine look-alike sunglasses, but never wanted to fork over the $500 to get the real ones.

Naturally, I searched Amazon, finding a couple but couldn’t decide if they would be a lost cost from the potential of blurry vision round 2. After a while, I bit the bullet and hit “order“— and they turned out amazing! I wear them whenever I have those “don’t even breathe in my direction” kinda days. Yah feel?

They also have a variety of my fav blue light glasses for all the boss babes out there working on computer screens 24/7.


Finishing Touches

I have followed Living My Best Style, a fashion blogger based out of Seattle, for a few years now who initially got me interested in buying bags off Amazon. As always, some turn out cute, and others turn out absolutely horrible. I have yet to get hit with a horrible handbag purchase, but it is always something to consider before hitting the purchase button.

This makeup bag, keychain wallet, and large wallet I used to use all the time. The only reason I stopped was due to a few newer purchased I made while in New York this past summer.


Non-Fashion Related Favs

Amazon fashion has been my recent fascination, but when it all comes down to it, I use Amazon for everything, literally. When I need laundry detergant? Hit that one-click purchase. Vitamins? Be here in two days. Hair ties? Bam. Here are just a few of my everyday favorites! 🙂


If you are always wanting to keep up on fast trends without wanting to spend hundreds, if not thousands, every month, Amazon can be your best friend. As long as you are being cautious of the bad nuts out there, you’ll be walking the walk in no time.


Until tomorrow,



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