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Best coffee in Austin

I packed up my bags on July 30th and made the drive to Austin, TX to start my new life. I knew I was going to take about a month off of work to get myself properly rooted in my new home, but I didn’t think I was going to go crazy not having a purpose or drive to complete a certain task each day. And of course, this motivated me to find the best coffee in Austin – my one true love.

While job searching, I was rather uninspired staying at home 24/7 watching the same shows, drinking the same coffee, living in my PJs, and getting used to the comfort of the laziness I was accustom to.

At that point, I decided to create a spreadsheet to visit all the local coffee shops known to Austin. Since I am a creature of habit, I found my top three and visited them monthly, if not weekly. Coffee is my favorite little treat. When creating my budget, I seriously add a column separate from my “eating out” monthly budget for coffee, and just coffee. Buying coffee actually gives me a positive ROI. Think about it – more coffee – more workey. SO, every day I have at least two coffees, and let myself buy one every weekend at one of my favorite coffee shops, with the rule of doing something productive in return. 

What I Look for in Coffee Shops

When searching for a good coffee shop, aesthetics are at the top of my list. If I don’t get a good vibe allowing my focus to be set on what I want to achieve during my visit, or get the right boost of energy, it won’t make the cut. I go to coffee shops to get out of my element and re-adjust my focus to get s*** done.

If a coffee shop makes it past that phase, phase two begins; see if the actual coffee they offer is good.

This is what I always order: 

16 oz americano, double shot, with a dash of oat milk.

  • Sometimes I just get this black depending on how I am feeling that day.
  • If they don’t have oat milk, I will get coconut milk, 
  • & depending on the weather, I will choose between hot or iced – but always, & I mean always the same order.

If I down that sucker in minutes rather than hours, and can get in my element – that coffee shop is a winner. 

Since being in Austin, I have found three that tickle my fancy more than any other coffee shop I know. For all you coffee lovers out here in Austin, I hope you enjoy this one!

Medici (right picture)

Upon my arrival in early August, this was on the top of my to-visit coffee shop spreadsheet. I had my eyes set on the location in downtown Austin where the Yelp pictures looked phenomenal. During the week I chose to branch out and try this beauty, but what I didn’t think of was the traffic and parking to get there. 

I ended up driving around for almost an hour finding only select parking for $20 an hour, and about a 15-minute walk, which could have easily have taken me twenty to thirty minutes considering I was in a full-fledged boot from a mishap that happened a couple of weeks back. It was an absolute fail – I ended up driving to Summer Moon to drown my sorrows in a beautiful cup of the same coffee I had the past week leading up to this incident. 

THEN, I stumbled upon a new Medici, located off Springdale, that had just opened up. It was a hidden gem, with so much parking and no fee *crying from happiness.* I finally got to try their coffee, which instantly made my top coffee choice yet in the whole US. 

Might I add, this is a $5 americano (with tip), the most I have paid consistently for a good boost of energy. But, not only is this coffee good, their environment is the chillest of chills, there is enough parking at no added cost, and there is only a handful of what seem to be workaholics, like me, getting stuff done peacefully on the weekends. This is my secret little hiding place, and now potentially yours too.

You’re welcome, guys. 

Bennu Coffee (middle picture)

My second favorite choice here in Austin; Bennu Coffee. This coffee shop is open 24 hours a day, offers yummy breakfast tacos, and has some killer coffee. If you are wanting to go somewhere with free wifi, food options, and coffee to complete deep work – this is the place for you. 

Since it is rather dark inside, it almost reminds me of my old University library days, with little to no distractions. If you are like me and like to people watch sometimes, or are overly aware of actions around you, this place is good for you. They have enough seating and large tables to choose from when you are wanting to spread out everything; your planner, computer, journal, collection of pens, coffee, tacos, and anything else you could imagine.

On days I was wanting to apply to as many open positions in hopes of landing a job in marketing, this is where I would go to get as many done as possible. No distractions, great environment, friendly staff, and great location in South Austin.

Highly, highly recommend this for the days you need to tick things off your to-do list. 

Summer Moon (left picture)

Third place goes to Summer Moon

This coffee shop is known for its Moon Milk, which is a wonderful concoction of 7 secret ingredients. I haven’t tried this myself, as it contains dairy, but from those around me that have, they say it is the best milk they have tried. 

Aside from the Moon Milk drink choices, they have killer americanos and a rather open environment. Windows line the walls with a small table, stool, and large table options for every kind of person. Living South Austin I still find myself at the BeeCaves location, getting away from the crowds elsewhere. Even with this location being one of their mellow ones, it still gets crazy busy, especially on the weekends. 

For example, this last Sunday I was waiting in line as six people stood in front of me, and four behind me. There is no secret they have master level coffee-making skills, but I would only recommend meeting friends here for fun conversation, not to complete deep work. 

The sun shining through the windows, friends (and very spunky) employees, and a comfortable aroma in the room, this coffee shop is one for those pick me up Sunday scaries coffee run. 

Plus, if you are able to visit during the week when most of Austin is at their corporate job, this can allow for an easier no-distraction kind of work environment to get down and dirty into deep work. 

Now if you are wanting to master the perfect at-home coffee (hot or iced), check out my recent Weekly Grocery Haul & Productive Morning Routine to learn my fav at-home “get to work juice.”


Until tomorrow, 



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