Coffee, Coffee, Coffee. How I Make My Morning Brew & How It Is a Crucial Part of My Routine

Coffeeee, my love language, my favorite part of the day, and the little treat that gets me out of bed during the early hours of the morning. I have been intermittent fasting the last few weeks and coffee has made that transition easier than anything else. Being able to grab my coffee and walk straight back to my computer to dive into all the tasks I for the day makes things easy and productive. Old me would want to sit and enjoy my breakkkiiie for about an hour, drinking my coffee, and watching YouTube videos before getting to my “To Do” list I had been dreading all morning. Now, I get right to the dirty work, get my tasks done, feel ten times better physically and mentally. Intermittent fasting is the healthy way to productivity in my book.

Months back I started seeing “Intermittent Fasting” plastered all over my YouTube suggestions page from all the health influencers I have been following for years. I didn’t think anything of it other than the hunger pains I would have to deal with if I ever tried. Knowing me, I instantly grab for food the second I woke up. Eyes half open walking right into the kitchen to whip up pancakes, an omelet, or oatmeal to be paired with coffee that had a touch of hazelnut creamer (the gross overly processed kind). That totallllly switched up when I stumbled upon Dave Asprey’s podcast. Dave Asprey is a famous biohacker that has discovered various health concerns/improvements through his own personal experience. Listening to his podcasts he would always refer to the “BulletProof Coffee” and how it changes his and others lives. Soon after I found myself nose deep in his book laying out what he has changed from his way of living healthily.

Months later and I still refer to this book when making food choices as I am trying to live a balanced, healthy life as a college student on a budget. The biggest “trend” per se is the BulletProof coffee that consists of one tablespoon KerryGold Unsalted Butter and one tablespoon XCT coconut oil (annnnnd the BulletProof coffee beans if you choose). Drinking this with your favorite brew will hold you over until (for me) about noon. At noon I break my fast, maybe have a snack before I workout around five, eating my last meal around 6 pm. There will be another post dedicated to what I eat in a day and my thoughts about the BulletProof diet, but regardless this is how I prefer my coffee now.

I must say it takes a little getting used to, having butter in your coffee? It is weird, trust me. But now I crave it! I go right into my kitchen when I wake up, put two tablespoons of the Bulletproof Coffee Grounds into my french press, boil some water and get to cookin’. After I let it steep for about five minutes I will pour my fresh coffee and either the BulletProof packets or a tablespoon of KerryGold Butter and a spoon full of XCT oil into a Blender Bottle and get to workin’! If I don’t have time to make it at home I will grab my Blender Bottle (already prepped), buy a double shot black americano from Starbucks and make it wherever I end up that morning.

This has to be one of the biggest changes I have made this year – actually sticking to Dave’s standards of living and I have seen major improvements in my mental and physical state. There will be another post to come speaking on everything else about this way of living but I had to give away one of my biggest productivity hacks for those striving for change this New Year.

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