Winter Obsessions | What You Need to Survive The Cold Months

Living in Montana has its ups and its downs. The perfectly white winter is amazing for us that like scenery (a.k.a. cute Instagram photos), but when reality sets in winters get a lil bittttt harshhhhh. When this time of year rolls around I am surprised by how fast the temperature drops! On the flip side it does give me an excuse to go shopping and pick up some of my favorite winter essentials that I can’t seen to live without!

Now grab your coffee and let’s get into some winter necessities we all need in our lives!

  1. Joe’s Jeans – I first found Joe’s Jeans when I moved to Portland and got to go to Nordstrom for the first time, EVER. I know, I know, I think I may be one of the very few that waited until they were 21 to visit Nordstrom. Let me tell ya, if you haven’t gone yet (which you more than likely have), it is life changing, just like these jeans. Joe’s Jeans stay in their original shape throughout the day whilst easily being the most comfortable and warm jeans I ever put on!
  2. Louis Artsy Bag – honestly, any tote bag is a lifesaver during the cold months. I hate having to lug anything in my arms when my hands are frozen to the core. Imagine having a puffer coat, gloves, beanie, and snow boots on trying to control a tiny little 2 pound cross-body bag where everything you need for the day is slipping through your gloves, including your coffee. Nobody, and I repeat NOBODY comes between me and my morning coffee. Wearing a puffer coat whilst slinging around a tiny bag is harder than many think. Suchhhhh first world problems hehe. Ever since I got this bag it has been my go-to! I also have a “What’s in My Bag” on my YouTube if any of you are interested!
  3. Sweaters – oh my love for warm, fuzzy sweaters. Call me crazy, but the warm, cozy feeling of a winter sweater has me wearing them in the summertime every chance I get! T.J. Maxx is my go-to spot to find inexpensive sweaters that will last years to come!
  4. Scarves, Scarves, Scarves – what would I do without them, plus they are such an inexpensive accessory to add to an outfit! Right when the winter months are about over, all the cozy clothing goes on sale, including my favorite blanket scarves. I own probably ten or more at this point considering how much I wear them. If I am being honest, a small accessory like this I don’t like to invest a lot of money on, finding myself at T.J. Maxx, Ross, Rue21, or Boohoo where they are about $5 a scarf. Bargain shopper over hhhhhehrrrrrreeee my friends.
  5. Vans – I have been obsesseddddd with these white Vans ever since I got them a year ago. Funny story, I actually bought them right before I moved to Portland, treating myself for getting through classes and landing an internships out of Montana. When I was packing I ended up packing only ONE shoe. I could have cried, typical Kayla move if we are being honest. Long story short, I have a new found obsession with these shoes coming back and I just CAN’T stop wearing them, they go perfectly with every outfit!
  6. Simple Jewelry – I absolutely love jewelry. I am not one to wear loud pieces unless it is the focal point of my outfit, but you will find me loading up on all my basics for a everyday or a night out. As of right now, I wear three cuff bracelets, similar to the one pictured, all the time. Two are gold filled (one with a saying on it) and the other is a slim sterling silver. Along with that, I always wear various different sets of earrings and rings that are either gold filled or sterling silver.
  7. Hats – Hats keep ya warm in the winter, why not spice them up a little bit? I got the hat pictured about two weeks ago and can’t stop wearing it. Especially on those days you reallllllly don’t want to wash your hair. Pairing a statement hat like this with a basic outfit can make you look like you put in more effort than you really did. If I’m not wearing this one, you will find me in my white Adidas ball cap that makes outfits look a little more “clean” but sporty.
  8. Black Leggings from Fabletics – If you watch my YouTube channel you know I am obsessed with Fabletics. They have the best leggings for the price. Recently I did my Black Friday/Cyber Monday haul for my YouTube channel JUST on Fabletics because they were having such GOOD sales. In that haul, I loaded up on my favorite black leggings that I wear to work, workout, and exploring.
  9. Simple Replenishing Face Lotion – We all know once the colder months hit, our skin does a whole 180. I have sensitive skin that is oily but also dry and flaky. I don’t really know how that works, but it is the perfect explanation of my skin. I have been using Simple face lotion for over a year now and it seems to do the trick (along with a couple other skin sidekicks that keep my face hydrated even when it is in the negatives here in good ol’ Montana).
  10. The last item (not pictured), that is easily my favorite, is my long black puffer coat from Costco. Now, if you live in colder areas you most likely know about the famous fifty dollar puffer coat that is adding warmth and coziness to everyone’s life. Mayyyybe that’s just us here in Montana., but I can easily say that was the best fifty dollars I’ve ever spent. I originally bought this coat about three years back and wore it to death. After a night shift working as a barista, I went to throw the trash out, caught my coat on the dumpster, and well…. there were feathers flying everywhere with lots of tears shed. I held out from buying another that winter trying to stay warm in a lighter coat that I had shoved in the back of my closet but I just couldn’t do it. The second these coats dropped this year I went and snagged one.

I hope you guys keep warm this winter in your cozy scarves, warm puffer coats, and sleek white vans, slaying the last few months of the winter!

Until next time beauties,



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