Goal Setting, New Year’s Resolutions & Life Update

Whooooofffta it has been a crazy couple months…

To start off, this last semester of school consumed most of my time, leaving little to none for everything that I enjoy doing like, I don’t know, hang out with friends, workout, create a blog post, or even get a normal amount of sleep. Shortly after the semester was over I got the expected “after finals cold” that I found out a week later was actually mono.  Now that I am starting to feel better and the semester is finally over I am oh-so-eager to get back to my regular uploading schedule on this platform and my YouTube channel. From fashion favorites to traveling and career based content, I’m ready to share it all. So buckle up and let’s enjoy this New Year together!

Since it is the New Year and New Year’s resolutions are pretty trendy, sharing some of my goals and what I like to do to keep up with them without having the “regular” fall-throw start February may be inspiring to some. Honestly, keep in mind creating these goals is just trying to implement healthier habits throughout the whole year. Habits only take two months to automatically be built into an everyday routine. Buuuuuut, we all know those two months seem to be the longest 60 days when it comes to creating healthy, but difficult habits.

To be entirely honest, I am a TOTAL organizational freak. After returning to Montana after a summer away in Portland I came back with a whole new mindset. I don’t know if that was because I didn’t have any other choice as I was walking into a semester that consisted of twenty credits, working as a barista Saturday-Tuesday, and landing an amazing marketing internship halfway through the semester, or if I genuinely wanted to see myself progress. Either way, right when I got back I bought a monthly layout whiteboard as well as a blank whiteboard to jot down my goals to keep myself on track every month. These goals vary from academic goals, workouts, YouTube, Kayla’s Diary, eating habits, and limiting myself on some not-so-good habits. Surprisingly enough, I look forward to the start of a new month just because I can throw out my old goals and shoot for higher ones.

One of the biggest things I discovered when consistently writing out my goals and putting them in a place I see them multiple times a day is it increases my accountability and progress tremendously. Along with that, staying positive when falling short on these goals is hard but significant throughout this process. For instance, last month I wanted to cut out sugar ENTIRELY to see the effect it had on my body. I wrote out all 31 days of December on my whiteboard to cross out every day I “didn’t” have sugar. Now was that the biggest bust or what! I think I may have only lasted a couple days and ended up binging on all my favorite sugar-loaded treats. I must add, I am the biggest sugar fanatic, I loooooooooove sugar and carbs. If you set any treat in front of my face whether that is a fruit bowl, a cookie, donut, or ice cream, the word “moderation” isn’t in my vocabulary. After the first couple of days I felt like a failer, but hey I am human just as much as anybody else and NOBODY is perfect. Maybe limiting my sugar intake would be a better approach to this habit instead of eliminating it entirely.

Realizing we are all human and pushing for a better tomorrow is a heck of a lot better than throwing the towel out and binging on all the sweets in your cabinet as I did. Accepting failure is crucial to succeeding at these goals, it creates a foundation for the habits you want to make or break.

I would rather fail fast & fail often.

Some goals I have this New Year’s is to:

  1. Get back to my regular uploading schedule on my YouTube & Kayla’s Diary – as I stated at the beginning, this is the kick off! I have missed blogging and vlogging, and now that I am through the most stressful part of my academic career, I want to treat you guys as well as getting out all my built up thoughts and ideas out there! (If you haven’t subscribed to our email list, you should! I send out emails everytime a post goes live and any other updates.)
  2. Workout at LEAST 5 times per week – Honestly, I am shooting more towards working out 6 times a week, but leaving myself an extra day doesn’t hurt. Quite frankly, I won’t feel like a failer once busy times hit and I am not able to take the extra hour to get a fulfilling workout in.
  3. Only check the scale once a week – I haven’t talked about this much considering I have stepped back from pretty much everything this semester, but since Portland, I have gained about twenty pounds. Given I am still a size 25 and working out as much as I used too, I don’t feel the same. I will touch on this subject as the month goes on regarding what happened and how I feel about it all, but for right now I have been checking the scale two times a day, and two too many. Checking that much left me disappointed, wanting to eat a whole pint of ice cream and say screw it even though I am making progress whether the scale shows or not.
  4. Save, save, save – I will be walking into my last semester as a senior this month and I have no idea where that will lead me. Being financially stable for any curveballs or anything else life may throw me this next year will help me get a foot forward to all my dreams and aspirations.
  5. Lose two to five pounds – as I stated above, weight has become an issue for me these last couple of months. Getting my body happy and healthy again will change so much more than my image. Self-care is everything.

I love the New Year, and I have a feeling 2019 is going to be a good one! 🙂

Feel free to email me some of your goals this month/year, I would love to read them.

Until next time beauties,



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