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For some odd reason, I love watching or ready about what other people have in their bag. Maybe I find that I may be missing out on some crazy thing that could change my daily routine, or maybe it’s just a girl (& sometimes a guy) thang. These types of videos used to be my favorite thing to watch back when I was twelve or so, not even knowing that there was such a thing as a “blog.” Last week I released a video version on my YouTube channel that I will have linked down below if you want to see a visual! I thought it would be a good time to introduce you to other platforms that I am on. I would love it if you would subscribe to this blog and my YouTube channel! Now we will get everything I carry in my bag to keep myself up to par throughout my long day.


Ahhhh duhhhhh, your wallet is the second most important thing (after you purse to carry all of it of course). This is what holds your money and cards of course! I actually don’t have the wallet above, mine is the same style just in a tannish color that I wasn’t able to find online! I got it at one of the outlets here in Oregon at an amazing discount because it is “out-of-season” that always is hard to get your hands on! If I find one like mine I will link it here for you, if not the link will go directly to this one! Anyways, I love this wallet because it holds everything you need. Sometimes I don’t like to carry my tote everywhere, especially if I am just popping into the grocery store real quick. It can hold my phone, checks if needed, all my cards, and a ton of coins with everything else I have piled in there at this point.

2. Five Star Notebook:

The one above is the exact one that I have been hauling around with me recently. Through the summer I have been an intern at a corporation (that I am sure you guys have heard a million times at this point) and have been putting a lot of effort into a couple side hustles, this and my YouTube channel. I have a ton of random ideas, work notes, plans, and various other information that I need to write down to remember! It is surprising how fast I fill this up, so far I’ve gone through 2 this summer alone!

3. Target Planner:

Along with my notebook of ideas, I keep my planner on me to plan out all this content, keep track of appointments and meetings, and keep myself accountable for getting tasks done daily. I love this planner because it isn’t too big or too small, has monthly and daily layouts, & even note pages, PLUS it was only like $15.

4. Working Hands Hand Lotion:

The name says it all; if you are hard on your hands you will love this hand lotion. I honestly don’t know what I did without it as a barista sticking my hands in bleach 100% of the time. During the colder months my hands get so dry the crack and sometimes bleed, then if you add on the fact my hands are continuously being submerged into bleach you can just imagine the outcome. I apply this sucker religiously throughout my day. Another plus, for me anyways, it is fregrency free! At my work we aren’t allowed to use fragrances that might be passed onto the customers lid for sanitary reasons of course!

5. U by Kotex Tampons:

If you are a girl, yah know, we all need them. This is my favorite brand! They are so comfortable I forget that I am even on my period sometimes (total TMI I’m sorry)!

6. Michael Kors Tote:

This isn’t the exact tote that I have either… of course when I write this blog and post my YouTube video I can’t find these items anywhere! Either way, I love all their styles, they hold literally your life & more! I have had mine for 3 years now, filling it to the brim about everyday and it still looks good as new. Definitely my go to work & school when I decide to opt out of a backpack.

7. Sunniesss!

We all need a good pair of sunglasses to complete our outfits! I have been obsessed with these black round framed Raybans.

8. Vital Proteins Collagen:

Collagen has been popular due to its joint health, hair growth and skin benefits. I have been taking it daily to grow my hair a little longer, which my hair takes its sweet time doing. This specific collagen has no flavor what so ever so you can stick it in anything without even noticing. Another collagen brand is Primal Kitchen, theirs is Coconut Vanilla flavor that I love adding to a black coffee as a snack or even English Breakfast tea at night!

9. Creaseless Hair Ties:

In the mornings I am always feeling my look and love my hair down, but as the day goes on I’m not always feeling that way & my hair won’t get out of my face. I use a scrunchie or the creaseless hair ties above so it doesn’t leave a dent in my hair preventing me from letting it down when I leave work or school.

10. Tarte Lippie:

I always have to have some lip color on me and Tarte and the NYX Lingerie line is my favorite! These two brands stay on my lips alllll day long. I get nervous even putting them on because they are like cement once dry.

Here is the video for you guys! Go show some looooveee!

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