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This last month I have really been getting into reading again. The main reason I haven’t ever really been into it is the small time frame I have to relax, the last thing I ever wanted to do was exercise my brain after reading various university textbooks and online articles. The start to my summer was a couple summer classes that lasted a month and a half along with my internship, that kept me insanely busy. Once things started to slow down a little bit I found myself bored and unmotivated. I subscribed to the Wall Street Journal to keep myself posted on business trends and problems, even got myself to walk a couple blocks to my local library, wandering through the rows of books for hourrrs trying to find the “perfect one.” I was that person that would grab a book, sit down and read the first chapter to see if I was really feeling it or not. I found myself here every 3-7 days trying to find a new one. The problem was I would find one so good that I literally couldn’t put it down. Once I finished the book I felt kinda bored and empty, as horrible as that sounds! I get wayyyy overly invested in TV shows, books, and other stuff like YouTube channel series, it is actually hilarious.

This month I thought I would switch it up and read two informational books and two fiction books that grab my attention more than I want them to. Since I make myself read the first chapter before renting or purchasing these four books they easily became some of my favorites, so lets spill the beans and let you guys in on some good reads!


They Did It With Love

5 out of 5

Ughhhh, I still love this book and I read it a month ago. They Did it With Love is about a couple from New York looking for a life switch up after a family death. They a buy a huge mansion up in Connecticut, joining in on a close community where all their lives enter-twine as most richer communities do. After living there for a short time one of the community members is found dead from what is thought to be a suicide. After the death, secrets start to come out of the cracks and lives start to unravel. Dun… dun…. dunnn…… you’ll have to pick up a copy to find out more! Just beware this book is highly addictive and my favorite one out of the four.

While I Was Gone

4 out of 5

While I Was Gone is about a married couple with grown kids. They seem to have a normal life, the husband is a priest and the wife is a veterinarian in a smallish town. As they go about their everyday life, someone from the wife’s past turns up making her rethink per past decisions and way of living.

To be honest, I loved this book and I really can’t say too much without it giving away the plot line. I couldn’t put it down, but the book was almost so descriptive that it drowned out the story.

Million Dollar Blog

5 out of 5

Million Dollar Blog compiles tips and tricks successful influencers give those that are putting themselves out there to try and reach the same and more success. Natasha interviews those that have made it, laying out a play by play on how to create the master plan to execute your blog and get to the top as fast as you can in this highly saturated market of influencers.

I thought this book would be extremely beneficial for those that haven’t created their platforms yet. Surprisingly enough, I felt like I already knew all the information she laid out through the podcast that I have been listening to (which I have listed on my Podcast 101 post), my own experiences since I already created my platforms, and social media platforms that I search before I started out. For some reason I thought this book would uncover secrets that I haven’t found out about this industry, but it didn’t. If you already started your platforms or have done a lot of research, I wouldn’t spend the money or your time on this book. Other than that, it had good information for beginners!

The BulletProof Diet

5 out of 5

The BulletProof Diet by Dave Asprey is a guide to eating a high fat diet, also known as the ketogenic diet. It explains vitamins, food, drinks, and about everything else you could think of when it comes to supporting a healthy lifestyle.

This book was LIFE CHANGING, I don’t think I could honestly look at food the same way. Foods you thought were healthy or unhealthy for you aren’t all what you think when Dave breaks it down for you. Dave goes over exercise, eating habits, intermittent fasting, supplements you should be taking, sleeping patterns, how you should cook your food, and so much more! I recommend this book to everybody and anybody to become BulletProof. If you would like to know more, visit Dave on his website or podcast where he talks about the diet as well as challenging other ways of healthy living.

If you want to stay tuned with my progress subscribe to this website and my YouTube channel where I will be sharing my whole experience with this way of living!


I hope you guys like these books as much as I do! Be sure to tag me in your posts if you decide to read them yourself!

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