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I know a little bit ago I released a post on Fall Transitional Pieces, but now that it is actually September it is time to get the ball rolling. Once again, if you read my previous post, I am trying to do a 6 month shopping cleanse which I will go in more depth about as the end of the six months. I do have to say that I have a couple items in these favorites and/or have similar ones that play the same roll slayyyinnnn the fall swag. No need for me to ramble anymore about why I put a holt to my fashion addiction or even touch on how much I love fall, lets just get right on into it!

1.Button Front High-Low Dress

This dress is absolutely perfect for fall and even winter! The color is the cutest burnt orangish-red that pretty much describes fall in my mind.It’s long enough to wear alone or with tights as the weather starts transitioning to winter. To complete the outfit you could add heeled or regular black booties (like 9), and if you are tall enough where the dress hits perfect you could throw on some thigh high boots. Being only 5’4″ I can imagine I wouldn’t be able to wear thigh highs with this dress unless I want to look like a tree stump.

2. Paper Bag Pants:

I don’t know what it is about stripped clothing this year, but I am ALL FOR IT. One of my coworkers the other day actually asked me if stripes are my signature look because that is all I seem to wear. The answer was no, but I can’t stop buying stripped errrythang! These pants are absolutely adorable and would go with all the fall colors. Imagine wearing these pants with a black short or long sleeve black body suit, (#3) red hat, and (#9) black booties.. GIRLLLL. SO CUTE!

3. Faux Leather Cabby Hat:

This hat is only $5.99 guys. Holy smokes, I may be in love… if only I would allow myself to pull the trigger and buy it. The red in this hat is, once again, setting the trend for fall colors. All the reds, burnt orange, browns, and creams that come out during this time have to be my favorite. Plus, if you are having a bad hair day or just haven’t washed your hair in a week (like I do all the time) this is a VERY fashionable way of hiding it.

4. Chloe Dupe Crossbody:

This is an Amazon find that I stumbled across going through Instagram stories on one of my favorite bloggers pages. I have always wanted one of these bags, but definitely could not afford the price tag and I don’t trust any websites that don’t have a good enough reference from people I know or follow. When she posted the story I legit thought this was a real Chloe bag, right after I ordered one myself, before I could even think about it. Yes, this was one time that I broke the role of no shopping during my 6 month shopping cleanse, but like I said, I will go into that later once the six months are up (we are just approaching month two and I might actually be dying, isn’t that horrible?!?!?!). Anyways, this bag is the perfect light neutral that can be worn with various outfits and fits into my “fall” wardrobe just perfect! By the way, this bag holds SO MUCH! It can fit a full size wallet, my phone, everything I would need when I leave my apartment, & still have more room.

5. Coin Pendant Necklaces:

I actually have a couple of these already that are slightly different (still from Forever21), that are insanely popular at the moment leading up to the fall and winter months ahead. What I find interesting and super cool is all three necklaces are seperate! It looks like Forever21 started to listen to their fashionista’s deciding to make them all separate. I absolutely HATED that, whenever I got a new pack I thought they were separate until I ripped it open to find out all the necklaces were linked to one clasp and too late to return. Sometimes there are days you just want to wear one, maybe two, and sometimes all three… but not allll the time. For all three SEPARATE chains it is just $5.90, like whaaaaa?!?! Plus, you can wear these with so many different outfits, especially with that supa cute jumpsuit above (#7).

6. Jaclyn Vault Palette:

If you are a huge Jaclyn Hill fan than giiiiiiirllllll you already know. This sucker launched right at 8am a few weeks ago and you bet I was sitting on the computer ready to go right when the clock hit 8. Yah know when you want something so bad the palms of your hands start sweating and you find yourself sitting in bed at night day dreaming about all the things you could with it, because SAME. I literally CAN NOT wait to get this palette. Now the palette shown above is just one of the four. When I bought the whole “vault” I got it off Morphe, which is now sold out, but don’t freak out because Ulta is selling each set separately for $15, which is insanely cheap for how great of a palette this is. This specific one is my favorite for fall because it has just the right tones; the browns, oranges, pinks, mauves, every color you want to create the right matchy matchy eye look with your outfit.

7. D-Ring Grid Print Jumpsuit:

Jumpsuits in general are super comfy, affordable (most the time), and are such a fashion statement made simple. Since this jumpsuit is black and white you could pair it with various different tops, hats, shoes and accessories to either play it up or down. Even playing it up with the red hat #3 above or even ditch the hat and use a bold lip color and black heeled booties. BOOMMMM, perfect. It is easily versatile when you want to be fashionable without having to think of fully planning out a whole outfit (which some of us actually stress about – first world problems).

8. Striped Platform Sneakers:

This fashion trend seems to be borderline to most, either you like it or you absolutely hate it. For me it just depends on how it is styled. These would look cute with some medium washed denim, black short sleeve body suit and a glossy leather jacket to match, hair up in a tie bun and a red lippie. I don’t know if I am bold enough or really am into the paperbag pants  with platform sneaks just yet, but we’ll see!

9. Faux Leather Ankle Boots:

These have to be my favorite item on this post, mainly because I am that heelied bootie kinda girl. You just can never go wrong with black booties for everyday. They even have these in WHITE toooooo! So cute, but I honestly don’t trust the white pair as I step out of my Jeep into Montana’s fall and winter shoe destroying weather.

10. Twist Hem Dolman Top:

First of this top looooks suppppa comfy. Second, once again this is a staple item for fall and winter. When it gets colder you can throw a cute cardigan on over it or a leather jacket to play it up a little even with a bold lip if you are wanting to have a night on the town with the girls.

11. NYX Lingerie Liquid Lip in the color Exotic:

If you have been following me for a while here or on my YouTube channel, you know that I have been obssessed with NYX lip products. Just about everyday I use the color “Push-Up” from this line and it has to be my most used lip product hands DOWN. I thought I would switch it up a little and consider (I haven’t bought, but would if I could) this burnt red one. Perfect spicy touch to your lips as you are drinkinig your Pumpkin Spice Latte, or regular latte like me. 😉 (Whiiiiiiiiiiiite giiiiiirlllllll allllert).

12. Lettuce Edge Striped Top:

Last, but certainly not least, this cute little ruffle short sleeve is only $8.90 and comes in four different fall colors. This top would look cute with so many different pieces, for me I would wear it with a light wash high waisted distressed denim with black heeled booties and the red hat I mentioned, maybe even a black leather jacket (as you can see my favorites are really popping out cause I keep using the same piece!) I’m obsessed.

I hope my favorite fall trends rubbed of on yah! 😉 If any of you end up getting any of these items feel free to tag me in your posts on Instagram or wherever you decide to post them.

Until next time beauties,



P.S. If you are curious as to what I may have splurged on before leaving Portland.. here is a video!

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