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I’m one of those people that doesn’t switch up their routine very often, let alone reach for “new” items while completing my makeup and hair routine. After using these products for year(s) now I wanted to share all of my beauty treasures that I can’t live without with all of you!


1.Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara:

Now, this mascara comes as a package deal to be entirely honest. I always, ALWAYS apply Loreal Lash Primer, apply Lash Sensational, & add an extra touch of Loreal Lash Paradise at the end for some extra volume if I really feel dramatic. Even when I apply falsies, this mascara is my got to for blending my lamezo normal lashes into my overly dramatic falsies for the perfect combo of long & voluminous!

2. Makeup Forever Ulta HD Foundation:

Holy smokes I absolutely love this foundation more than any other I have EVER tried. About a year ago I was going through random YouTube videos on high-end makeup products trying to decide what couple items I would want to try, making a trip to Sephora later that month (I live in Montana & this was before we had one so I had to drive all the way to Washington). I stumbled across an “Everyday Makeup Look” that included this foundation. At this point in time I had been using my IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream for yeaaarrsssss and was just wanting a refresher, something new, something to form an opinion about. I bought it last summer and wore it every. single. day. I reached for it more than my CC cream, which I never in a million years thought would happen on a daily basis. I must say, the IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream leaves your skin with a dewy look, while this foundation keeps your skin matte, but like, the perfect kind of matte. Plus, this foundation isn’t going anywhere, whether you are hitting a hard workout or sitting in the summer heat, this foundation gotcho back!

3. Mario Baduesco Rose Water Spray:

This was one of those random items I decided to just throw in my bag as I was walking down the (long) Ulta line, those lines always get me. I had seen various YouTube gurus rave about how much they love this product, so I thought I would go ahead and give it a try. I have owned the same bottle for over a year now using it just about everyday (more so in the winter when my skin as begging for a hydrating refresher). I used this with about every makeup look portraying a healthier and hydrated skin finish.

4. IT Cosmetics CC+ Cream:

I kinda already did the work for this CC+ cream in my description for #2 but whattttevvvva. I love this foundation for a natural dewy everyday look. I have gone back and forth with this sucker since I was a sophomore in high school. The only downfall is you run out of it rather quickly if you are using it everyday, but I still haven’t found a better alternative CC+ cream. I normally apply this foundation with my Real Techniques beauty blender for an even more hydrated, dewy look.

5. Ardell Wispies:

Youuuuuu guyyyyys, whether you are trying to achieve a natural or dramatic eyelash look these work!!!! Obviously, it depends on the set. These lashes come in small, medium or larger lengths and I can not get enough of them. If you see me wearing lashes in my Instagram pictures, these are the lashes, see me wearing them in my YouTube videos, these are them, or anywhere else, these are the lashes! They even have a Wispie Double Up set that is so beauty it just makes me want to cry (even though I won’t, tooooo much pride for those lashes to fall off). I will order a large pack off Amazon or get them at my local Target that will last me months since I reuse each set about 10-20 times. Tell me…. is that gross or normal?????

6. NYX Lingerie in the color Push-Up:

This lippie has been my go to for as long as I can remember. I don’t know what is wrong with me, but I am always on the hunt for new lippies of the same color. I have always loved the deep mauvey purplyyyy pinks, dark and light. Its so weird and annoying looking at my whole collection seeing the same tone but different brands and wear styles, but I STILL do it. I have millions of the deep mauve purplie-pink, but not a single duplicate that I can find for this color. I almost neglect it every once in a while and make my way back to it in awe with how much I love it all over again.

7. Simple Moisturizing Face Lotion:

I have some weird skin. Dry, but oily, tough yet insanely sensitive at the same time. Finding new skincare products that work and don’t make me break out or give me an allergic reaction is a dream. I got this product over a year ago, as well, making more and more of an impact as the colder months are approaching. The best part about this product is its soooo cheap! Once winter starts to hit, I double up with my favorite Clinique Facial Serum that seems to get harder and harder to find every year, which might kill me considering I only have about a month or so supply left in my bottle. This is great for night and morning-before-makeup use.

8. Coconut Oil:

This year coconut everything seems to be a trend, but oddly enough I have been using it ever since I was in high school for all sorts of uses. I will add this to my coffee for more fats to keep me full, apply it to my hair as a hair mask, or use it to take off my makeup. During these last summer months I have just been taking about a dim size amount to my face to take off my makeup, wash with face wash, then moisturize on top for a dewy healthy skin finish. Along with that, I will add it just to the ENDS of my hair while I am in the shower after washing for about 10-15 minutes and rinse off before getting out. I do only wash my hair once a week & as it is getting closer to the end of the week my ends are dying for hydration, this just gives it a little refresher.

9. Pro Beauty Tools Hair Dryer:

After my $20 Walmart hair dryer gave out on my 2 years ago I ran to target to find a better alternative. I walked out with this bad boy and $3o less in my bank account, happy as ever. This has to be the best $30 hair dryer I have ever bought. It dryers your hair fast and keeps it looking freshhhhhh if I do say so myself.

10. Not Your Mothers Double Take Dry Finishing Spray:

Always saving the best for last! This sucker is my hair holy grail. I could not tell you how many times I have repurchased this beauty. I love messy, volumized hair looks so much it brought me to this unknown treasure 2 years ago. I was walking the isle of Ulta trying to find a texturizing spray that didn’t involve sea salt and could be light enough to apply to my hair about 3-4 times without washing and I found this sucker. Absolutely love, love, love this & recommend it to anybody that is wanting to achieve the same look!

If any of you guys try any of my favorites be sure to link me on my social media or leave it in the comments down below!


Until next time beauties,



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