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After getting my first 8-5 job that involves repetitive work, I found myself bored as my mind wandered aimlessly. I had always heard about podcast but never really had enough time to listen to them (as so I thought), until now. I started dipping my toes in the water to see which podcasts would interest me. Over the last two months, I have grown addicted, listening to at least one a day, sometimes up to about 10. Whether I am working out, at work, cooking dinner, or even doing those boring tasks like folding laundry I am listening to them.


I thought I would shares some of my current podcast obsessions with you guys! Whether you are a business doer, health junkie, or just want to live the Good Life these are great for you:


This was the first podcast I started listening to, Julie Soloman talks about influencer marketing pertaining to blogs, YouTube, smaller business owners and asks questions we all want the answers to from those that already made their imprint as an influencer. Initially starting this I binge listened to all of her longer episodes, especially ones where she was interviewing others on their success stories. The one downfall of this particular podcast is most of her podcast are rather short, ranging from 5-15 minute, every so often there will be one as long as an hour or longer. Horribly enough, I only listen to the long ones that go into depth about certain topics.


Goal digger is another marketing and entrepreneur podcast hosted by Jenna Kutcher. I must say, Jenna seems like one of the nicest people I have ever heard. After listening to an episode about haters where she read out a hate email sent to her and explaining how she handled it, it totally won me over. If I could meet one podcast host and be able to have a full on conversation about life, it would be with Jenna. She has amazing enthusiasm, wanting everybody to succeed at what they are doing. This includes helpful tips about starting your own brand/brand image, just like on The Influencer Podcast, but presented in a different way, sometimes interviewing some of her personal fan favorites.


This podcast is for those that are working in a corporate job wanting to climb the ladder and do the best they can do. From time management to motivation tips and tricks, they have it all. I listen to this one every once in a while because I am a junior in business school, these tips and tricks will help me get ahead of the game (hopefully). From time to time it is hard to understand or follow, I guess you could say, because I haven’t been introduced to a lot of the topics in the real world just yet.


Now, lets switch gears to health podcasts. The host of BulletProof is Dave Asprey who happens to own a couple of businesses in the health field as well. He sells vitamins, (healthy) coffee, books and various other things he randomly drops hints to in his podcasts. I’m sure most of you have heard of BulletProof coffee already, but it is a healthier coffee infused with vitamins to help focus those throughout their busy days. These episodes are all about health and wellness, as Dave is challenging the thought that he wants to live to about 180 years old. Random, random things get talked about in these episodes, things that you wouldn’t ever think of doing, or would even be healthy for you. For instance, in one recent episode, he talked about taking his pets supplements because he started to notice an improvement in his dog…. weird, but gets yah thinking of what we need to start doing to live the healthiest life we can.


Now, if you are a Sarah’s Day fan like I am you have probably already heard of this podcast. It is hosted by Sarah and her boyfriend Kurt that are health and fitness junkies famous on YouTube, with Sarah’s own workout clothing line, fruit and nut mix, and they even have the cutest little pup named Abby. Their episodes are rather random but revolve around health & fitness. One down fall is since they are juggling so much, their uploads are rather inconsistent, but worth the wait!


Another podcast that was created by a couple YouTuber’s; Sazan & Stevie Hendrix. Sazan is known for her longtime blog later transitioning to a YouTube channel, creator of Bless Box, and now a podcast host with her husband and newborn baby girl. They created this podcast recently wanting to share their experiences on how to live the “Good Life”. They bring other influencers on to talk about various topics from diet, marriage, friendships, & more!


This one is rather odd, at least that’s what I thought when one of my work friends told me about it. This podcast isn’t one you are wanting to listen through fully. The host, Drew Ackerman, seems to have a soothing voice, one that can put people to sleep. After talking to some of my work friends complaining about how I haven’t really been able to sleep for over a week, one of them told me about Dave’s podcast. These episodes really don’t have much meaning or story you can follow along with even if you tried to. They are meant to put you right to sleep when you feel wide awake, unable to shut your brain off or just keep tossing and turning, angry waking up every morning feeling tired. I now listen to this podcast about every night as I feel, sadly, kinda dependent on it, which could potentially be another problem within itself!


Well, guys, these are all the podcasts I have been obsessing over, subscribed to, and replaying some. You are what you listen to! Whether you are wanting to be a health junkie, kick start your motivation at work or just want a full nights sleep they got it all!


Until next time beauties,



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