Drinking a Gallon a Day Keeps the Docs Away | Benefits from Drinking a Gallon of Water A Day


Since I moved to Portland, I have wanted to implement healthier habits, one being drinking a gallon of water a day. I know what most of you are thinking, a gallon of water is a LOT, but it really isn’t once you get into the swing of things. Such first world problems, but the main reason I don’t like drinking water in large amounts is the temperature. Half the time you take a sip of water it is ice cold, once you down a couple glasses in the same sitting your fingers might turn purple and you get an episode of shakes as your body is trying to warm up again. Living in Montana, this is a hard thing to get over considering all the buildings seem to run cold as well as outside. Getting back into health and fitness I knew it was something I would have to get over, once again, trying to drink something warm immediately after downing a 32 oz water bottle.

At first, this got me in a weird predicament. I was overcompensating with hot coffee after every gulp of cold water trying to keep my fingers fully functional. As many know, coffee dehydrates us requiring an extra glass of water ever cup you drink. I found myself still feeling dehydrated drinking a gallon of water and amping up my coffee intake to four to five cups a day. I KNOW, so unhealthy. After two weeks of drinking a gallon a day I started to switch over to green tea, sloooooowly but surely trying to make healthier improvements.

I started doing a little more research into the topic and documenting my own experience as I started to make the switch. People always told me that drinking a gallon a day was worth it, but I never really knew until I started it up again.


This ties into my main issue with drinking a gallon of water a day, I hate getting cold, BUT if you are wanting to lose weight this is a good thing. When your body cools down it burns more calories trying to get your body temp to a comfortable state once again. Even taking a cold shower can have the same effect!


Drinking this much water a day promotes healthy cell growth while cleansing the body of all the gross stuff! As many expect, staying hydrated improves your fitness level, reaching high levels of endurance training helps to remove muscle cramps and other downfalls of dehydration.


When the body is dehydrated it can show through being hungry or initiating cravings. Whenever I get randomly hungry, water is the first thing I think about just to make sure. On top of that, if you are drinking enough during your meals it can avoid over-eating, which is a biiiig issue for me because WHO DOESN’T LIKE FOOD?!


Flushing your body with water helps to remove toxins, this shows through your skin. Getting rid of/improving impurities and creating a natural glow/dewiness to the skin.


Water helps break down foods and kind of “sort out” the digestive system. When there aren’t as many problems in the digestion system, there isn’t as much bloating. Plus, over-doing the water intake helps flush out extra water weight that seems to be holding on for dear life.


Now that I am about a month into drinking a gallon of water a day, it comes so much easier. In the morning I workout, drinking a 32oz water bottle, right upon getting to work I drink another with my breakfast and vitamins, another by lunch, one more by dinner and up to another two before bed. This adds up to about a gallon/gallon and a half a day and never felt better! My favorite thing about this is it keeps me full, avoiding my temptation to overeat.

Stay hydrated!


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