How to Achieve Your Goals in 4 Easy Steps


Lately, I have been tuning into business and marketing podcast as I am trying to grow my community on this blog, as a business, and set myself up for a future after graduation. This fall I will be a senior in marketing, it’s absolutely crazy to think that it’s so close! To be honest, it feels like yesterday I was running around my friend’s backyard pulling all-nighters all coloring each others faces just because we could.

Growing up I would try and explain to everyone I was saving my fun until I graduated college. Now it is approaching and the first step is to land a job that can support my hopes of having fun. While attending college full-time I have maintained at least one to three jobs taking care of my beautiful little baby, a t-cup poodle nicknamed Bean. Needless to say, it has not been easy! There was no time for fun, and when I decided to indulge it was instantly followed with regret drowning in all the deadlines I had to hit. Whether it was taking my dog out, going above and beyond on an essay, or performance the best of my ability at work.

I can’t wait to graduate because I will have ONE thing to focus on. Not a job and school, or two jobs and school, just ONE job that will continuously be challenging me to get where I need to later down the road.

That being said, this year will consist of applying for jobs, uncomfortable learning situations, and working extremely, extremely hard to prepare myself to take hold of my future. That means A LOT of goal setting, I don’t have time to slack off and leave a minute to waste.

I won’t lie, goal setting is a nice concept until you actually put pen to paper. Here are four steps to creating, maintaining, and achieving our goals:



 1. Figure out what you are striving for.


  • Where do you want to go/do with your life?
  • What are you trying to achieve/what is your end goal?
  • What small steps could get you there?

Being specific with your end goal and why you want it sets the overall template of the steps you should be creating to getting you there. For example, I want to grow my blog because I want to network with others that have the same hobby as me and create a personal brand. This could, later down the road, grant me my dream job and the freedom of working from anywhere and everywhere (that has Wi-Fi).


      2. Start setting SMART goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Personally, I set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for myself. I use the SMART format for all of them besides daily goals, that are more just jotted down right when I get to work in the early morning. I use the SMART template because there is no grey area. I know exactly what I am trying to achieve, how much time I have, and so on.


     3. Make goals apparent & in constant visibility daily.

Like I stated above, I set goals every morning I go into work, at 7am, before I do anything other than turn on my computer. Doing this keeps me focused and driven to get what I need to done and in a timely matter. Putting these goals on a sticky note and attaching them to your mirror, desktop computer, over even bathroom where you know you will constantly see them brings you back to your focus point. I will even set a timer to go through my long term goals a couple times throughout my busy day.


      4. Don’t be to hard on yourself.

Sometimes, when the check-in point is worse than expected, don’t beat yourself up. Just because you didn’t meet your goal shouldn’t tear down how far you have come from your starting point. This happened to me just this last week, but all I can tell myself is I will do better tomorrow/next time.

Lately I have been listening to a various business podcast that show goal setting is crucial to success. Keep yourself accountable for your actions and staying on track with reaching your goals!


Until next time beauties,





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