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Amazon is the powerhouse of all things inexpensive and in the touch of your hands in a matter of a day or two, maybe even a couple hours in some areas. Right after I find something I need/want I revert to Amazon to get me the best deal. Their Prime membership might actually be my favorite, sparking an addiction I didn’t think was one to arise when purchasing it. (Btw, if you are a student, you do get a small discount!) After moving to Oregon with just what could fit into the back of my jeep, I had to go on a small shopping spree. Amazon was and still is my go to for all things, mainly because I hate walking into the madness of department stores nowadays. As most of you are in the same boat, I thought I would share my top five current obsession off Amazon this month!

Recently I have been getting back on top of my fitness game after a wayyyyy toooo long halt from my lack of motivation in all areas. I started following Melissa Alattore, a YouTube makeup guru, on Instagram who happens to have a love for fitness on the side. On her Instagram stories she always made a protein matcha latte shake that had me itching to try since we both have an obsession with the up and coming matcha trend. It consisted of a scoop of vanilla protein from Garden of Life, your desired amount of matcha, coconut milk and other supplements that I decided not to add. I ordered the protein off Amazon and now I catch myself craving that very drink throughout my busy days! (Thank you Melissa!) I have ordered this protein twice now, about to have to order a third and fourth with how fast I am going through it! LOVE LOVE LOVE IIIIIT, y’all need to try it out! I have also been purchasing my Blender Bottles that I mix it in online as well.


Even if (the best) vanilla protein powder isn’t up your alley, their kitchen supplies are a 10/10 too. I bought most my kitchen necessities right when I got in town at T.J. Maxx because I needed to cook dinner that night. All the other kitchen tools, like a lemon squeezer, I waited to order online to get a better bang for my buck.

My second favorite is in the same category as protein: workout resistance bands and meal prep containers. Everywhere I go to find resistance bands in my town has them priced at the ceiling. These ones off Amazon are inexpensive and have been holding up really nicely, plus they even have a case to put them in so they don’t get lost. Now, meal prep containers are a must! Since I am working on my fitness (hahaha) I need to be fueled, but not over fueled which I seem to do quite frequently. Meal prepping healthy proportioned meals ahead of time keeps me on top of my game.



BOOKS! Lately I have been trying to challenge myself a little more intellectually and setting a better daily routine, pushing me to break out the good ol’ book. Amazon is killing it at the book game (obviously) since their first run at their business was focused on books. I was listening to a Bullet Proof podcast (which I highly highly recommend for any of you wanting to learn more about how food ties into the brain affecting all aspects of life, give it a listen!) and one of the guests was talking about a book called Heal Your Drained Brain,” right after I got on Amazon and bought that book with another one about social media influencers.

Now, I like to stay on top of trends, but that can be rather hard when you are a college student like me scrapping by. This is the best spot to shop for accessories! I buy earrings, handbags and other accessories that don’t need to be made top of the line to complete an outfit. As you guys may or may not know from reading last weeks post; Summer to Fall Transitional Wishlist, I talked about taking a six month shopping cleanse. Due to that, I didn’t order this straw bag that’s got me drooling!


Last but certainly not least, office supplies. I am such an organizational freak who loves decorating my planner, has sticky notes everywhere and gets all excited thinking about a desk layout. Amazon is my go-to for any of these things! I have been obsessing over this white desk (that I am waiting to move to possibly get), their desk monthly layouts and other aesthetically pleasing supplies. I did order a phone stand and a laydown iPhone charger about a month ago and have been using them everyyyyyy dayyy.

Amazon can get us all in trouble sometimes with the “one click” buys and the unique items they offer with such good prices (I am not sponsored, but wish), so watch out as your shopping away!

Best of luck to you Amazon lovers!


Until next time beauties,



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