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Ughhhhh, you guys! My favorite season is coming around the corner. Despite the ugly reminder that fall courses start in a month, FALLL is coming! I am that “white girl,” that breaks out the pumpkin spice (almond milk) latte, lighting fall candles all around my apartment, wearing dark vampy lip colors, prancing around in my favorite booties and cozy spirit. This has to be my favorite part of living in Montana, the nice brisk air and the beautiful fall leaves making an appearance every October.

What comes with every approaching season is new fashion trends *evil laugh as I break open my laptop to my favorite clothing websites*. Y’all may actually think this is a sin reading this, but, I decided to take a 6-month shopping cleanse, LIKE WHAT, who am I? Every morning I love to scroll through the Wall Street Journal to stay up to date on all things business, last week I ran across an article typed by a fashion blogger explaining how she did a 6 month cleanse. She listed various things that it taught her, things you normally wouldn’t think of when initially walking into a store to grab “a few favorites” or surf the web mindlessly with what you MAY want in mind. After that, I was convinced to do the same. I started at the beginning of this month… we’ll see how I am holding up by the end of December. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t stay on top of trends creating a wishlist that I refuse to act upon.

So, for those of you that are ready to dive in and express your summer to fall transitional fashion, let’s go!

To start off, I have been absolutely loving light pastel pinks, which my mom is probably screaming right now thinking back to when I was in middle school, refusing to wear anything that had pink on it, even the slightest form or tint. I like to think I am a changed woman now, haha.

Especially when you’re like me and your wardrobe consists of black, whites, and greys adding a subtle touch of color doesn’t hurt. These slip-on ruffle heels have me drooling. They are able to be dressed up or dressed down. Think, with a nice pair of medium wash high waisted denim, white crop top, light statement earrings, and a low bun… giiiirlll. They could also be worn with black paper bag pants, white blouse, and a black and white fitted blazer for the office.


Now, this pastel pink in a suede looking skirt is a dream as well. It is the perfect transitional piece as the weather starts to cool down. As it is still warm out, this could be worn as a normal skirt with a tank or blouse, with a blazer if it is being worn to the office, and in the fall it can be worn with black tights and a black and white blouse like pictured.


I still find it funny that I love scrunchies so much when five to ten-year-old Kayla would throw shade on even the THOUGHT of wearing one in public. One of my really good friends back home would always wear them before they became a hot trend once again, she kinda got me hooked. I have noticed they add the perfect touch to an outfit, especially the textured ones like I have down below. Super cute, affordable & they don’t create a crease in your hair! Whoop, whoop!


Ooooooo girl, this whole outfit is the star of the show. As you guys may or may not have picked up, I have been absolutely obsessed with Lulu’s recently. Not sponsored, but I wish! This blazer is such a  beautiful neutral color, matching the gold tassel hoops, white knot tank that could easily be swapped out with a regular blouse of about any color, also tying in with the loafers. A huge bonus is all these pieces match with various other outfit picks, giving you your money’s worth.


The side cutouts on this tank are absolutely perfect! The knot style on sweaters, tanks, and shirts can cut off a woman’s figure, which is what we normally like to emphasize, am I right ladies?!


These Free People jeans are the perfect wash and fit. High waisted jeans are still in style, and I don’t see it going anywhere in the next year, maybe even longer. Having a staple medium wash denim in your closet is a must, I wear mine more than I thought I would!


Wow! Loafers and slides have made such an impression this last year! They look classy with every outfit, whether you are in jeans and a t-shirt or in dress pants and a blazer. I have been obsessed with the recent street style that seems to always come back to a statement shoe.


These earrings scream fall to me. They match with all the fall colors that hoard my closet and are light enough to not strain your ears if you decide to wear them for long hours on multiple days (like me).


This dress is absolutely perfect for the seasonal transition! Just like the skirt above, this could be worn as a normal dress in the evening when it is a little cooler (since it has long sleeves), or with tights and a leather jacket in the fall/winter. A grey dress like this is a staple for all year long. I have a green one like this from Forever21 that I find myself wanting to reach for it every morning.


I always have a pair of black staple booties that I wear literally all of fall and winter, so much so that I have to a buy a new one pair every year. These ones I love because of the pointy toe and universality. You could honestly wear these booties with every outfit/piece I have listed on this wishlist. I can just imagine how cute they would look with the grey long sleeve dress and a leather jacket. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.


Well, guys, that wraps it up for my summer to fall fashion transition wishlist. As sad as it is that I won’t be purchasing any of these items, I can’t wait to see them on some of you and/or on all the other fashion gurus out there!


Until next time beauties,



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