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When I dress like a girl boss, I act like a girl boss.

Dressing to impress gives everybody the confidence they need while getting your foot in the door in situations they wouldn’t expect, even when it is right in front of our face. Back when I was attending my first semester of college as a junior, there were business seminars my classmates and I had to attend for credit in a couple of our courses. Might I add, they were held at 8 am on Friday’s. As you can imagine, these meetings were rather bare at the beginning of the semester, until students realized they needed to attend to pass their courses. Being the one of a couple in the rather large room, I started to strike a conversation with a couple of other students and a lovely woman we’ll name “Ella,” whom later became my mentor. She worked for the business school putting networking and seminar events together to broaden students contacts along with helpful guidance to reach their career goals. After the seminar passed, Ella and I would see each other in passing asking how our day was going, talk about networking opportunities, and career moves. always keeping our connection throughout the years. That next summer, I applied for an internship in Portland, OR, which I later found out I got because of my connection with Ella. Ella was the only point of contact they knew that worked at the University. From that opportunity and on, I realized the value of connections and networking, especially the impression you leave after the first meeting.

Dressing to impress is my motto every time I walk out the door. Great opportunities can be presented in the weirdest situations. If you are going to school to pursue your passion, dress like you want to be there. One of my finance professors my junior year of college made students take off their hats, put away their phones entirely, forced students to be well dressed for presentations and tried his best through humiliation to push students to wear anything BUT activewear or sweats to his 8 am’s. He would always say “If you are wanting to get a degree in business, sweatpants and looking like you just came from a nice workout definitely will not get you there.”

Aside from what most of us can grasp about first impressions, I could easily be trying to connect my shopping addiction to a cause; a successful future. At least I dress to impress on a strict college budget.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to making fashion affordable:

When shopping for business attire on a budget, I ALWAYS go to H&M. They have blazers, blouses, slakes and statement jewelry from $10-100. Here are some of my current favorites:


Forever 21,  owe how you saved my awkward twelve-year-old weird fashion phase. On tip for shopping at Forever 21 is ALWAYS shop in person. Some of their pieces fit weird, aren’t the best quality, or quite frankly, don’t look anything like what you ordered. They don’t allow refunds, so save yourself a pretty penny and make the drive to the store. Here are some of my current obsessions:



The last place I found an unknown love for, which many of you may be shaking your heads because it took me this long to discover… Nordstrom Rack. My bank account is thankful for not stepping foot in one for the first 21 years of my life, but now that I found it, it’s hard to look away. In Montana, we do not have good, or even decent shopping, unless being a TJ Maxx fashionista is a high-class fashion statement in your book.

Something about putting my heels, blazer, and blouse on that ignites my girl boss, go-getter attitude. Try it if you aren’t already on your girl boss game and rock your confidence.


Until next time beauties,



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