Mornings Routine | What’s Mine & Why You Should Have One Too

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After reading my book before I lay my head down to rest at night, the only thing on my mind is my morning routine, I love it! Is it weird to admit at 21 years old that I absolutely love waking up at 5:00 in the morning to start my daily routine? Most of my friends and family think I am absolutely crazy while they are hitting snooze and sleeping in until the very last few minutes before heading off to do their daily chores. I hate that, I hate feeling rushed, I hate not being able to think about my day before it starts, and not be able to sit and enjoy my freshly brewed cup of coffee in peace. I’ve noticed I am more motivated and driven to complete my daily tasks, the right way, when I have started my morning off on the right foot. I must say, being a morning person isn’t easy. I still find myself wanting to stay up all night whether it is to hang out with a friend or read an interesting book and wanting to scream at my alarm when it goes off at such an early hour. Still, I get up, because after years of experience I know what works and what doesn’t for my mind and body.

Don’t get me wrong, I fall short of this routine quite often, which I am working on changing. They say it only takes 21 days to make something a habit, and so far, I have 14 more days to go. Back when I was a sophomore in high school I woke up at 4:30-5:00 every morning to get a good workout in, head to school, then back home to power out homework before bed at 8:00. I had implemented this routine for so long my body would wake up at the same time with or without an alarm clock. I ate healthy, worked out constantly, listened to my body, and exercised my brain daily.

Fast-forward to being a senior in college, I haven’t been able to have the same schedule. Working excessive amounts of hours each week, with college homework piled high and grabbing whatever food was easiest on the go. Now that it is the last summer that I can experience before getting a “real job” I thought it would be a good time to start making these things a habit once and for all. We should all be challenging ourselves, pushing ourselves to achieve the unachievable striving to be the best we can be. This is where setting a good morning routine comes into play.

Many of us need to figure out through trial and error if we are a morning or night person, we are all wired differently. From past experiences, I know I thrive off being a morning person and having a set morning routine. By sharing mine I thought it may be beneficial for anybody trying to find one they like as well.

After my alarm goes off at 5:00-5:30 I jump out of bed to hit the gym. Luckily enough, right now my gym resides right across the road, as it is part of my apartment complex. I’m still testing different workouts as of right now due to a slump I hit about 6 months ago. I used to love running which turned into a love for weightlifting, turning into bodyweight training, that is now all over the place. Lately, I have been starting off with a mile jog to get my heart rate up, moving onto doing whatever I feel like doing for the rest of the hour.

Once 6:00-6:30 hits I start making my way back to my apartment to make a matcha protein smoothie (that I will share in a later post) then I jump in the shower.  Before starting my makeup and hair I like to listen to a motivation/educational/health podcast to get my brain up and going. I make my way into my room throwing on my work clothes and head to the kitchen to cook up a mean breakfast. There are two types of people; (1) someone that can wait until lunch or later to have their first meal, or (2) someone that can eat a whole mansion for breakfast and still be hungry. Well, I’m #2, I thrive off breakfast, and nobody would want to see me without it. I either make an egg scramble topped with salsa or almond butter oatmeal with chia seeds. Obviously, with how much I post about coffee, a big mug of black coffee resides next to my breakfast, sometimes a second found on my work desk after arriving.

With how much coffee I drink a day, I need to keep up with my water intake. I like to drink roughly a gallon of water a day, which I measured out to be four 32oz Hydroflasks that keep your water cold all day long. With that being said, I down at least one full bottle while I am working out and another half while I am eating breakfast to avoid overeating (which I do more frequently than not). After wrapping up my delicious meal, I head to work, starting off my morning in the office by filling out my Self Journal. I purchased this a couple weeks back not knowing it would be such a game changer. After listening to a couple podcasts that are constantly repeating how important goal setting is daily, monthly, and yearly I thought this journal would be a successful habit to create. I always do set goals, but creating them that frequently or even writing them down wasn’t something I was accustom to. I will go into depth on the “How To’s” and why I implemented into my daily routine later on. Once I have completed my daily log I turn on my computer and start my crazy work day.

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