Choosing Skyscrapers Over Mountains

When I was younger I would always tell my Dad that I was going to get up and leave to go to a big city, which was what I thought to be somewhere in California at the time. He would hit me back with the “why” question and try and tell me that it wasn’t a safe place, which any place isn’t safe to some extent. As I got older, I had the same goal, but the cities changed time and time again, with no rhyme or reason. My itch to go to a big city was from what I thought to be a need for challenge in fashion, beauty, and the surrounds of those that inspired me. As that is still relevant after actually moving to a big city in comparison to the small town I was living in in Montana, many more positives arose.

My all time favorite thing about big cities is the motivation and drive (mostly) everybody seems to have when working in a medium to large industry. Everybody dresses nice, continuously exercises their knowledge, setting and achieving goals over time, and rising as a team. Don’t get me wrong, small towns have goals and aspirations, but there is a limit to growth in underdeveloped towns. I know if I want to achieve my goals of being successful in a large corporation, a small town won’t cut it, nor will it inspire me enough to get there.

In my current workplace, I love hearing everybody’s story on how they got the position they have and the failures they learned from the most. What I find is every story is unique, and half the time it’s not the story you were expecting. Everyone created themselves from something, earning their place, it’s all about the attitude towards those failures and successes that get everybody and anybody to the next step.

Every night when I go to bed I lay there, not being able to fall asleep, with my heart beating a million times a second thinking about all my goals, what I will be able to learn the next day and feeling comfortable and inspired to push myself to the next level. At first, I thought this was a side effect of drinking too much coffee until I realized what was on my mind when I laid my head down at night. To be entirely honest, I don’t know what I want to do when I graduate or even what jobs I am going to target, but I can tell you that I want to work in a corporation that challenges me every single day to be the best I can be in all areas.

The inspiration that I have gained in the city isn’t limited to just work goals like I said, but fitness, fashion, political, and environmental. Everybody, mostly because they have to, dresses to the T Monday through Friday. The phrase “dress nice, feel nice” is what I live by. My confidence in flats and jeans compared to nice dress pants and cute pointy-toed heels is dramatically different. Dressing like a girl boss will give every girl the confidence to think and act like a girl boss.

Rightfully so, I have only lived in one city, but this is what I like to think as the start, more so my introduction. I have fallen in love with Portland and could see myself living here one day, but I don’t want to limit my experiences to the first city that got me out of my comfort zone. I want to see it all; the good, some of the bad, and all of the in-between, whether I am there to visit or stay for a few years in any city.

Inspiration, ambition, motivation, and the fast pace is what I love about cities. It’s an adrenaline rush for me, and I don’t see the need or want to stop growing my experiences anytime soon.


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