4 Important Lessons My Dog Taught Me

At eighteen I was working a full-time job and going to college full time. Most my days consisted of homework, work, and working out. I didn’t have much time for any extracurricular activities and didn’t really care to at that point. One of my best friends at the time was working as a nanny for a family in town. I decided to run over to their house to hang out with her one afternoon. Upon walking in the door I laid eyes on the cutest t-cup poodle that I have ever seen (but I mean, any dog is cute in my book). She was grey, bursting with energy, incredibly smart and had the strongest personality for a three-pound dog. I instantly fell in love. A couple weeks went by and my friend told me they were letting her go for personal reasons, I begged my mother to let me have her saying she would go wherever I went. Of course at that age, I had no idea what I was signing up for even though I fought saying I did. We all had planned she would live with my family and I, moving wherever I decide to go to continue my education the upcoming year.

I had no idea what I was getting myself into, AT. ALL.

I had entirely feel in love with Kaymarie, in a way that I never thought I could for a pet. I missed her when I was in class or at work, making it extremely hard to leave her when she felt the same way, assuming since she would cry and practically climb up my leg as I was walking out the door every morning. Now, at this time I was still working and going to school full time, and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I had it good. My Mother, being the amazing human-being she is, would take care of her while I was busy during the day, coming home in the evening to cuddle her, play a little and then head to bed.

After I graduated with my associate’s degree and made the move two hours away from my hometown with Bean. This made her anxiety worse and held me ten times more responsible and careful when it came to making plans and scheduling long days. Needless to say, my life was consumed by this little fur child of mine, but I couldn’t have been happier. Every second I had to spare I would spend with Bean, would cuddle all night long and do EVERYTHING together, even late night store runs.

After having her for two years (that went by in a split second) I started to realize she was having more anxiety when I left. Crying, snapping at me (but not biting), throwing tantrums and overall freaking the heck out when I put my shoes on to head out the door. I didn’t think anything of it since she was getting old reaching seven years of age. She came down with what I thought was a reoccurring UTI for the past two or so months. After getting an ultrasound with serious concern we found out she has untreatable/unremovable bladder cancer. I always told my Mother I don’t know what I would ever do without Bean. It came as a complete shock, I honestly thought Bean was invincible, which we all do when we are in denial. The vet said she could have a week up to three years, and let me tell you, I will be by her side every step of the way.

With that being said, I wanted to share the most valuable lessons I have learned from my fur child, my lil baby, lil Beanie.

#1: Finding beauty in simplicity – The one thing I love so much about dogs is they don’t care who you are, what you look like, what your status is, if you are rich or poor, and the list goes on. They don’t care about the toys they have or how expensive their treats are, the only thing they care about is you. Life is meant to be simple, love everybody, and have fun at every moment. Waking up with Bean cuddled up to me makes my day. Bean watching every move I make from a distance just to make sure I’m not leaving makes my day. Even Bean crying when I leave makes me happy because everything is such a reminder that life is simple for those that care about you. The only thing you care about is being beside each other every step of the way. You show me how simple life is, just how it should be.

#2: Live in the Moment – If you have a dog I am sure every once in a while you can get pretty darn agitated when they bring out the ball for the 39248745834 time today alone. Every time I have a little freak out when she wants to play and I’m trying to study makes me pause and remind myself to live in the moment and take everything I can out of it right now. Everybody’s life is a ticking clock, and we never know when the time is up. I cherish every moment with you, knowing they’re memories I will never forget. You show me how to live in the moment and get every snuggle out of you as possible.

#3: Patience – just like having a child Wow, wow, wow, I never knew when I got Bean that it would be like having a child. I had no idea she would throw tantrums, cry at me when I wasn’t paying enough attention to her, constantly want to be next to me (practically throwing herself in the shower when I am), a test my patience like no other. Dogs are insanely smart, especially Lil Bean, and I am such a proud dog Mom even when it does annoy me. My mother and I giggle all the time looking back to when I got her. Like Mom’s, they always know more than their kids, and my mom knew in this situation what I was signing up for, even though I had no idea. You have taught me how to be patient, love you even when I’m frustrated, and have selective hearing hehehe.

#4: Love you forever & always even when we are mad at each other – As weird as it sounds, dogs do still get mad at you every once in a while. I can tell when Bean has had enough of my shiz when she refuses to cuddle, look me in the eyes, and even pushes away from me when I force a hug. If you have a sassy lil pup like I do, you know exactly what I am talking about. No matter the situation I will always love you, you have taught me to love unconditionally and mainly to handle living with a living creature 24/7.

Owning Kaymarie has been such a blessing and has taught me more than I thought possible upon taking her in. I love Bean more and more every day. Getting a dog was the best thing I ever did.

Until next time beauties,



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