Is the Apple Watch Series 3 Really Worth It?

Whether you are working in the office or hitting a hardcore workout in the gym, Apple says this watch is the best for you… but does it really hit all the requirements everybody wants in a lifestyle/fitness watch? That’s exactly the reason I kept myself from buying one of these for about three years. Funny thing is, I bought the Series 2 Apple watch a couple years back thinking I would love it, later finding myself returning it within a week because it didn’t live up to my expectations. I thought I would do my own analysis of this watch for those of you that may be wanting to find a “fashionable” but functional watch that is great for all situations.



The thing that sold me on this watch is the fact it is waterproof. It isn’t all the time, just a heads up, you do need to set it on the “Waterproof” setting on the face of the watch before submerging it under water! Initially, this is what made me return the Series 2 Apple Watch I first purchased. With being a barista, I am constantly splashing or submerging things under water, I also manage to get everything as stinky as possible in any given situation. I wanted a watch that I could do anything with, or even rinse it off when needed. This watch does just that, and better than any other watch I have tried!


The battery life & fast charging: Holy smokes you guys, does this thing charge && HOLD ITS CHARGE! I work doubles sometimes at work which means I am away from home all the way from 5:30 A.M. until 7:00 P.M., not to mention wearing the watch when I sleep the night prior to waking up and when I come home going straight to the kitchen for a long-awaited meal. I normally set my watch on the charger for maybbbbbeeee 20 minutes and it’s fully charged…. I know, it blows my mind every time I check it to see if it’s good to go or not.


The biggest thing advertised for the Series 3 was the cellular, now, I know this is a little downer considering when you set it up it costs an extra $10 a month, roughly, depending on the cellular plan you are already on, but who knew it would be such a life changer. As horrible as it is to admit, I have my phone attached to my hip. Ever since I got this watch I have been leaving my phone at home, in the car, and various other places where I am able to ditch the dang thing to clear my head, without the worry that I will miss a phone call or anything of importance. One day I even lost my phone and I was able to call it from my watch to find it laying under my car seat. Another plus for all the fitness lovers out there, you are able to listen to music via Bluetooth without your phone in sight. No more setting your phone in random areas or shoving it in between you and your leggings as it falls out when you do any sort of physical activity.


Durability: Now, I haven’t really tried to drive over this watch or throw it out the window of any sort, but I do say that this watch resides on my wrist through banging it all over the place making coffee, spilling everything possible on top of it, and slamming it on weights or anything else my clumsy self manages to hit throughout the day. This thing kills the game! I did buy a glass screen protector to cover the front from scratches, but the sides and everything is still going strong, and I couldn’t be more proud.


Heart rate monitor: This is something that comes with most fitness watches, and doesn’t seem to disappoint… but I thought I would throw it in anyways! The heart rate monitor tracks when working out mainly, seeing when you were your highest and lowest. It does add a nice touch even though I don’t pay much attention to it.



So far I haven’t found an exceptional amount of horrible things about this product, and if I did, it would have been returned by now! The only thing that seems to frustrate me in the tiniest, slightest, smallest amount is the fact it doesn’t have a “weight lifting” option in the workout settings. It has everything else you can imagine like running, swimming, stair stepper, even for indoor or outdoor of each type. Don’t get me wrong, it does have a setting that is under “other,” which I always set it on when I lift weights, but I don’t know how accurate it is when I do that.


It doesn’t track your sleep etiher, like most fitness watches do. There are apps through the apple store that offer this, but I haven’t had the time to go through and evaluate which would work best for me. If I do find one in the future I will be sure to let you know! I mean, if the basic FitBit has it, why don’t the Apple Watches?


Right when I got this watch a few months back it was speedy quick whenever I clicked, pressed, or moved any of the functions on the screen or on the exterior, but now it is starting to slow down already as most Apple products do. I don’t know if this is a downside of being hard with my hands or if this is a regular thing that happens within the few months of wearing this watch every day and night. This downside chain affects various things; lag when switching songs, texting errors and other various errors when you mean to click on something else but end up clicking on something that popped up five minutes prior, ugh the struggle ;).

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons in my book and this has to be my most worn watch of all time. I wear it when I am sleeping (to wake me up in the morning), when I am working out, working, studying, LITERALLY everywhere. I feel naked and out of place without it. I even got a silver “classier” band to switch out for those nights I decide to actually be a social human being… which is like never.

I hope this was beneficial for you guys as some of you may be deciding to splurge or not on the Series 3 Apple Watch.

Until next time beauties,



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