Pieces Everybody Needs to Spring-up Your Wardrobe

Well, guys, SPRING IS ON ITS WAY, and I couldn’t be more excited. This last year has made for the longest winter of my life (mentally). Montana winters are dark and glooming making it hard to get up and moving, gain motivation, or just do anything outside of your house. It is starting to get back up in the forties here this week and it feels like a breath of fresh air. I can barely wait for summer, let alone spring. With this being said I started to do a little shopping to enlighten my wardrobe a little more than usual (and it still isn’t anything that special). Here are all my favorites so far for this upcoming spring season.

The first thing I look for when shopping for sunny weather is adding random pops of color! Just by adding a touch of color to an outfit, whether it is your shoes, shirt, bracelets or jeans this can instantly brighten up any look. I ordered this pastel purple light off-the-shoulder sweater from BooHoo last week for under $20! I even swapped out my go-to mauve lip color for a brighter purplish pink to pair with this outfit.

Here is another example for hitting the gym. Fabletics has been my FAVORITE activewear line for a while now. If you are a member, like me, you get special sales and discounts on anything on their website. I have almost every color in their high waisted leggings line because they are simply that good! Yet, you will still find me ordering more every month. A bonus is their size ranges hit everybody’s body types, and they provide outfits picked just for you and your style. I mean, this is the ultimate lazy girl guide for planning your workout attire. And no, this is not a sponsored post for Fabletics, I just truly love the brand!

Numba two, the second thing I always add to my closet when the sun starts shinning is lace. Lace can spice up any outfit, making it look more girlie, feminine and spring-ish. This tank top I got from American Eagle last year on sale, and it’s still going strong! Another one that I have been loving is from BooHoo, plus, it is under $15! With small lil MT warming up, I can get away with wearing a tank under a statement jacket without totally freezing my bum off.

Bralettes and off-the-shoulder tops for number three, peep that shoulder girl! I’m already starting to see all the new spring/summer bralettes that have been released the past few months. My all-time favorite, that has been posted everywhere, is the Free People double strap bralette. The one pictured above is from Forever 21 and it is cute, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not the one I grab for on a weekly basis. Laying bralettes comes easy considering off-the-shoulder tops are making a statement in the fashion industry, making layering easy once again.

And last but not least, don’t forget your smile. If you want to go dance in the streets and have the time of your life, do it… I am proof that it will enlighten your mood at least a little bit! I don’t know about you guys, but the winter months in Montana can get rather harsh. I honestly think some people forget how to smile, even me sometimes, with it being as dark and gloomy as it always is. Forcing yourself to smile through situations you don’t want to is actually proven to enlighten your mood. By smiling to brighten your mood, you might even end up brightening someone else’s along the way.

Girls and guys, just be nice to each other… we are all human beings. Over the past few months, I have started to sift through various things in my life, finding out who truly is your friend and who isn’t through random obstacles life has to throw at you. Overall, the thing that I have learned from everything is everybody needs to be nice to each other and support one another. We see jealousy spark on Instagram, fights break out on Facebook, snarking people talking behind people’s back, and countless other situations. Like I said, we are all human, treat each other that way. And if you do get treated poorly, remember your worth and those that can’t treat others with respect won’t make it as far.

I must say, out of all the clothes pictured above, the Fabletics leggings are still my favorite. So girls, go get yah some. I hope that these outfit ideas, tips & tricks helped all of you with your spring preparation.

Until next time beauties,



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