All You Want to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Oh eyelash extensions, what a beautiful but expensive habit to maintain. Overall, I think these extensions are the best decision I ever made. Initially being introduced to this new beauty modification I had no idea where to start or what to expect. Hopefully, filling you guys in on my pros, cons, do’s, and don’ts will help those of you that are thinking about getting them or even those who are beginners at maintaining them.



Eyelash extensions make everybody’s and anybody’s eyelashes set a record you could never achieve with normal mascara, falsies or eyelash serum. On top of that, they are stuck on your face 24/7 (other than when they start to fall out of course). Who knew such a simple thing could make life so easy. Every day I start off my morning between 4:30 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. and the last thing I wanted to do is spend countless minutes on making my lashes at the perfect state of enough but not too much. It is sad to say this is a problem that some of us have, but it is.. and this changes the game for those who like sleeping in and still waking up with the best lashes you ever thought could exist on your own face.


These are suitable for everybody in the way that you can have them fit your style. Whether you like natural looking lashes or over the top rat looking eyelashes, they are great for you. I’m one to want over the top dramatic lashes that set the statement in all situations. Leaving my face bare for everyday use or throwing on black eyeliner with a bold lip for a night out.


Also, for all those athletic people out there, these are AMAZING. When you are getting your sweat on in the gym the last thing you want is mascara running down your face along with wet flakey lashes. No, no, no… these babies are stuck on there no matter how hard you are working to get that bod in shape.



Honestly, the one and only downfall of eyelash extensions are they are a huge black hole when it comes to your wallet and a hard addiction to break. Once you get these bad boys on, you won’t ever want them taken off. The price of a full set can range from $100-300 and fills can cost $25-100. Of course, these prices depend on where you live, the salon you go to, how long you wait in between fills and the condition of the lashes when going back in. In all honesty, the price paid really shows in the quality provided so don’t always go for the cheaper option.



Do do do do do not put any oils on your face or eyelash area AT ALL after getting lashes applied. Oil is what beauticians use to take these bad boys off, and the last thing you want to do is wash your money right down the drain.


Along with that, rubbing the eye area is a no go. Pulling on your lashes makes it easier for them to fall out, plus the extra oil that can be transferred from your hands can cause some damage.


Do NOT get your eyelashes wet at for at least 24 hours after getting them applied. Moisture can weaken the adhesive causing the bond to come loose and fall off.



Brush them like you would your hair: think, these lashes are longer and thinker than your normal lashes. They get clumpy and tangled up especially after getting rinsed off. Carrying lash brush wands around at all times makes it easy when you have a couple minutes to spare.


Just another reminder, treat them with respect considering you spend a pretty penny on them. I have to say, they are worth all the money if taken good care of.


This is a huge one for me; always do your research. Make sure the salon of your choice has good reviews and knows what they are doing. Considering there really isn’t regulated standards for these new additions to the beauty industry, you need to do some digging yourself. My first time getting eyelash extensions the beautician glued them straight to my eyelids making them unbearably itchy and irritated.

My Eyelash Routine:


Once getting my lashes done I schedule fills every 3-4 weeks. It makes for a long haul after the first two weeks when they start thinning, but for me sitting in a chair for 30 minutes to an hour every few weeks would be too much. It costs me $55 every 3 weeks and about 45 minutes to get the job done.


Every morning and night when I wash my face I will lightly stream water over my lashes (of course after the first 24 hours after getting applied) just to clean them off. I never use any sort of face wash or other facial products due to damage it can cause. After rinsing them, I brush them out to let them air dry and fluff right back up.

Until next time beauties,



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