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Like most human beings on this earth, I’m always trying to get the most for my money. Saying goodbye to our hard-earned money is difficult! Especially if your a college student, like me, whom doesn’t have a continuous stream of money coming in. As a young woman in the middle of my college education, I love buying new clothes that make me feel on top of my game. Over time I have tried various “affordable” clothing websites and stores sifting though the good, not so good, and absolutely NOT worth the time.

Finding the right “affordable” clothing websites took some time. Cutting the trail and error process for you guys, I’m spilling all my clothing secrets!

To start off, my #1 favorite online clothing store for anything from sweaters, shoes, scarves, and accessories is BooHoo. This website offers various discounts including a student discount that ranges from 10-55% off! Not to mention, they already have extremely inexpensive prices without the discounts. Once a new season approaches I practically order the entire site, pretty much. Along with their low prices, BooHoo has various dupes from high-end brands to everything trending on social media. The mustard sweater and shoes from Outfit #1 were only $15 off of this site. SHOOK.

My second favorite store Forever 21. There are mixed reviews about this company due to product consistency. I love most there products, but it all depends on what you get. Jeans, leggings, and most inexpensive sweaters or blouses are a huge NO. Accessories, shoes, sweaters, jackets, and some blouses, have a beautiful turnout whilst leaving your wallet smiling too. Unfortunately, Forever 21 doesn’t offer discounts other than their clearance section & they are strict on exchanges not allowing any returns.

By all means, I am not entirely loyal to these two brands, as most of us wouldn’t be. It’s pretty slim picking here in a small town in Montana.  I’ll shop at Target, H&M (where my olive jacket is from in Outfit #2), Victoria Secret, Bohme, and other random clothing stores. Initally walking into these departments stores, I walk straight to the sale/clearance section. Amongst all the “no’s” that live in the clearance section, you may find a winner for only $5! The American Eagle light jeans in Outfit #1 were $15 on clearance shoved in the middle of a rack full of other “absolutely not”‘s. I feel like once I start in the clearance section, branching out, I have clear mindset when it comes to spending over $30 on a plain t-shirt.

Aside from starting with the clearance section, always be on the lookout for discounts. Most the time shopping centers that are near universities/high schools/community colleges offer student discounts. Even if it is only 5%, you’d be surprised how fast it adds up. Another form of discounts is purchasing previous owned products or off discounted sites like Amazon or Ebay. Especially when it comes to bigger ticket items like a Gucci belt. There are various sites like Poshmark, Thredup, Tradesy, eBay that are known for the relability. The glasses featured in Outfit #1 are bluelight eye shield glasses off Amazon for less than $20. My favorite round Rayban’s that I wear almost every day I got used off Poshmark for $60. Always do your research on big-ticket items; compare prices form various websites, read customer purchased reviews and ratings, and wait it out to see if you REALLY want that big ticket item. Nobody wants to end up getting scammed or receive something totally different than what they thought they ordered.

I hope all these tips were useful for you, as they are for me when it comes to shopping on a budget. Staying on top of trends is fun to do, but always has a hefty price tag. I will be trying out inexpensive workout clothing over on my YouTube channel on the 10th. Stay tuned to see if it was a gold mine or a regrettable clothing adventure.

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