About Me Hi, y’all! Welcommmme!

I’m Kayla Montgomery, a fellow Montanan who made the big move to Austin, TX on August 1st of 2019.

Ever since I was a little girl I would always tell my Pops I was going to grow up and move to a city of my dreams. Well, I landed in Texas and hit the ground running, starting my career as a Junior Content Marketing Specialist at a marketing agency.

Over Christmas break, my junior year of college as a finance major studying at the University of Montana (go Griz!!), I created Kayla’s Diary. After taking some time to consider my love for this creative outlet, I switch my major to marketing, graduating with my bachelor’s in just that the summer of 2019.

Now here I am. Still sharing my love for fashion, lifestyle, travel, and rando business topics I love.

I love all black outfits (if you haven’t noticed), poodles, coffee (OMG COFFEEEEE), and all things health and fitness.

Follow along on this journey with me for all the deets on my favorite clothing staples, tips, tricks, deals and hacks to everyday living as a twenty-something making my way through this thing called “life” (but in all-black style).

xoxo- Kayla

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