Holiday gift guide for him and her (for every budget)

The holidays are approaching, and fast. Today is Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner. As we start cracking down on the holiday shopping, I threw together this holiday gift guide for those of you looking for a quick

Staying organized: 10 tips to do every day

I’m an organizational freak ~ I LOVE to stay organized at all times. I’m one of those crazies that has to have the bed made before I eat my breakfast. If I don’t, I lose my mind. Why do I

Amazon home finds under $25 and $50

One of the biggest things I noticed in my everyday routine is my constant need to shop on Amazon. Honestly, it’s a horrible habit. But guess what? Need more cereal? Amazon’s got it. You want home decor stuff? Amazon’s got

The new Apple update: What’s on my iPhone

This new Apple update has to be my favorite one yet (the organizational freak is dying inside). Now you’re able to organize your phone while sprinkling inspiration throughout. It’s what we never expected. You’re now able to have a phone

10 Items to buy that save you money *actually*

Yes, you can make/save money on things you buy. Oddly enough, that is a big lesson I learned when we all went into shutdown mode. All of a sudden, the salons weren’t open anymore (along with so much else), and

The Home Bucket-List: Friday Favorites

Okay, ya’ll. Ever since I have been spending more time in Montana, I am getting excited to go back to Texas and start apartment hunting. If you just started following me along this journey, my roommate and I are starting

A loop around the sun ~ 365 days in Austin, TX

It’s officially been a year, over a year, since I moved to Austin, TX. Ohhh, and how it has been a trip and a half. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The amount of life, relationship, and career lessons I’ve

Summer Lovin’: My Favorites Line-Up

It is officially summer. To be honest, it has been summer for a while (especially in Austin), but I am just getting around to sharing my seasonal favorites. This summer has been a little sweeter than normal. Being able to

How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget + Quarantine Shopping

Since moving to Austin and transitioning out of the college way of living I’ve lived the past many years, it is time to finally start investing in pieces that make my new home, home.  By all means, I want every

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures | Apps & Presets

Instagram; what a complex, but amazing platform. A couple years ago, fashion bloggers started turning their Instagram feeds into a beautiful piece of art. Apps like VSCO, Lightroom, UNUM, Facetune, and so many more started taking over the natural nature

My Productive Morning Routine

For starters – I am a HUGE morning person, making a productive morning routine one of my favorite things to geek out on. I actually sit in bed every night tossing and turning at the thought of what it will

What’s in My Bag | Everyday Essentials

  For some odd reason, I love watching or ready about what other people have in their bag. Maybe I find that I may be missing out on some crazy thing that could change my daily routine, or maybe it’s