How to create a budget that fits your lifestyle (in 8 steps)

Budgeting is something that I never really did until I graduated college. Before, I would save when I needed to save, and spend when I had a little extra. But what I didn’t think about was how much money I’ve

Starbucks cold foam: What is it + how you can make it at home in 7 steps

It really is a simple thing to do. I used to order cold foam drinks at Starbucks for $5 a pop without hesitation. And sadly, that was for a mediocre coffee that was a little too sweet for my liking.

Budgeting cuts: 8 Expenses I gave up to save some extra cash

Budgeting. Can we normalize this? I feel like not that many people talk about their financial hardships, wins, or anything else in between. It may just be the people that I follow or surround myself with, but I like to

What I spend in a week as a 23-year-old in Austin, TX

To be fair, I need to tell you, I’m doing this during a no-spend month. After spending more than I thought I would in Montana, I needed to do a little budgeting rehab. Casually, that meant doing a no-spend month

Apartment hunting in Austin, TX ~ My top pick

It’s now been a while since I moved to Austin, TX. Since I made the 31-hour one-way road trip to Texas, I’ve officially lived in two different places. The first place was a house with two other girls that I

How to create a night routine + what mine is

As much as I love morning routines, I love night routines. Creating habits that get your body ready for bed (this may sound crazy), really helps me get ready to settle down to get a good night’s sleep. Throughout the

A day in the life of a full-time content marketer

I’ve been fascinated with day or week in the life videos on Youtube. And if you don’t know what these videos or blog articles are, it’s where you share your daily or weekly routine of your regular life ~ super

A “bad day” self-care routine

Sometimes you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, and that’s okay! It happens to everyone, honestly. For days that I feel a little under the weather, I have a “bad day” self care routine that help

Holiday gift guide for him and her (for every budget)

The holidays are approaching, and fast. Today is Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just around the corner. As we start cracking down on the holiday shopping, I threw together this holiday gift guide for those of you looking for a quick

Staying organized: 10 tips to do every day

I’m an organizational freak ~ I LOVE to stay organized at all times. I’m one of those crazies that has to have the bed made before I eat my breakfast. If I don’t, I lose my mind. Why do I

Amazon home finds under $25 and $50

One of the biggest things I noticed in my everyday routine is my constant need to shop on Amazon. Honestly, it’s a horrible habit. But guess what? Need more cereal? Amazon’s got it. You want home decor stuff? Amazon’s got

The new Apple update: What’s on my iPhone

This new Apple update has to be my favorite one yet (the organizational freak is dying inside). Now you’re able to organize your phone while sprinkling inspiration throughout. It’s what we never expected. You’re now able to have a phone