What To Expect in 2020 [Life Update]

It’s been a month, over a month, since I have typed away at my keyboard leaving y’all hanging on what to expect on this platform.  I missed it. I miss blogging.  Even though Blogtober got the best of me, it

Blogtober Wrap Up | 31 Days of Blogging

Thirty-one days of blogging as come to a wrap. Not only did I realize how much I love blogging again, but everything I have learned and grown from since I first started Kayla’s Diary. From wrapping up college, making the

How to Design Your Bedroom on a Budget — My Most Recent Additions

Decorating a new house, apartment, or room is probably one of the best things to geek out on. I absolutely love being able to configure my room to match my neutral aesthetic and make it the perfect amount of comfy

What It Means to Live Like a Minimalist

Have you ever rummaged through your clothest pilling up 15 sweaters saying “no,” “no,” and “no” every time you put a new one on? Well, this rarely ever happens with minimalists. Imagine looking at your clothes with only a couple

Monthly Amazon Order Roundup

My secret is now out; Amazon is the new go-to place for all things fashion and beauty to home and all your random necessity needs. I have packages coming just about every day relieving my constant need to stop by

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures | Apps & Presets

Instagram; what a complex, but amazing platform. A couple years ago, fashion bloggers started turning their Instagram feeds into a beautiful piece of art. Apps like VSCO, Lightroom, UNUM, Facetune, and so many more started taking over the natural nature

Day in the Life – Living a Regular Vanilla 8-5 in Austin, TX

There is something about living a regular ol’ vanilla lifestyle that I absolutely love. Ever since I was in high school, having an 8-5 always seemed like something I dreamt about – reading Day in the Life’s of business women

My Productive Morning Routine

For starters – I am a HUGE morning person, making a productive morning routine one of my favorite things to geek out on. I actually sit in bed every night tossing and turning at the thought of what it will

Blogtober – 30 Days of Blogging

When the leaves fall, jack-o-lanterns make an appearance, and Halloween Town streams on TV – these are the signs of Fall, my favorite season of all time. I hate to say it, but I am the girl that buys everything

Goal Setting, New Year’s Resolutions & Life Update

Whooooofffta it has been a crazy couple months… To start off, this last semester of school consumed most of my time, leaving little to none for everything that I enjoy doing like, I don’t know, hang out with friends, workout,

What’s in My Bag | Everyday Essentials

  For some odd reason, I love watching or ready about what other people have in their bag. Maybe I find that I may be missing out on some crazy thing that could change my daily routine, or maybe it’s

Book Club | Best Reads This Month

SHIRT (alternative) | BRALETTE | JEANS | WATCH  | GLASSES | BRACELETS   This last month I have really been getting into reading again. The main reason I haven’t ever really been into it is the small time frame I have to