10 Items to buy that save you money *actually*

Yes, you can make/save money on things you buy. Oddly enough, that is a big lesson I learned when we all went into shutdown mode. All of a sudden, the salons weren’t open anymore (along with so much else), and

The Home Bucket-List: Friday Favorites

Okay, ya’ll. Ever since I have been spending more time in Montana, I am getting excited to go back to Texas and start apartment hunting. If you just started following me along this journey, my roommate and I are starting

A loop around the sun ~ 365 days in Austin, TX

It’s officially been a year, over a year, since I moved to Austin, TX. Ohhh, and how it has been a trip and a half. Yet, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. The amount of life, relationship, and career lessons I’ve

Summer Lovin’: My Favorites Line-Up

It is officially summer. To be honest, it has been summer for a while (especially in Austin), but I am just getting around to sharing my seasonal favorites. This summer has been a little sweeter than normal. Being able to

How to Decorate Your Apartment on a Budget + Quarantine Shopping

Since moving to Austin and transitioning out of the college way of living I’ve lived the past many years, it is time to finally start investing in pieces that make my new home, home.  By all means, I want every

What To Expect in 2020 [Life Update]

It’s been a month, over a month, since I have typed away at my keyboard leaving y’all hanging on what to expect on this platform.  I missed it. I miss blogging.  Even though Blogtober got the best of me, it

Blogtober Wrap Up | 31 Days of Blogging

Thirty-one days of blogging as come to a wrap. Not only did I realize how much I love blogging again, but everything I have learned and grown from since I first started Kayla’s Diary. From wrapping up college, making the

How to Design Your Bedroom on a Budget — My Most Recent Additions

Decorating a new house, apartment, or room is probably one of the best things to geek out on. I absolutely love being able to configure my room to match my neutral aesthetic and make it the perfect amount of comfy

What It Means to Live Like a Minimalist

Have you ever rummaged through your clothest pilling up 15 sweaters saying “no,” “no,” and “no” every time you put a new one on? Well, this rarely ever happens with minimalists. Imagine looking at your clothes with only a couple

Monthly Amazon Order Roundup

My secret is now out; Amazon is the new go-to place for all things fashion and beauty to home and all your random necessity needs. I have packages coming just about every day relieving my constant need to stop by

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures | Apps & Presets

Instagram; what a complex, but amazing platform. A couple years ago, fashion bloggers started turning their Instagram feeds into a beautiful piece of art. Apps like VSCO, Lightroom, UNUM, Facetune, and so many more started taking over the natural nature

Day in the Life – Living a Regular Vanilla 8-5 in Austin, TX

There is something about living a regular ol’ vanilla lifestyle that I absolutely love. Ever since I was in high school, having an 8-5 always seemed like something I dreamt about – reading Day in the Life’s of business women